Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Acoustic Abyss

The Acoustic Abyss is a place for sl live music. You can join the group just by dropping by and clicking on the sign.

Here is what the group charter says:

A place to celebrate the spirit of the musician and share with friends in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that we like to call home :)

Live music acoustic only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 8 pm and Sundays from 7am to 11am

We at the Acoustic Abyss want our Abyssites to use and enjoy the venue. Alot of our artists have set the venue as their home landing spot. This is fine and we encourage anyone in the group to feel free to do so.

The Owners of The Acoustic Abyss are

CJ Daly, Rapture Damone, Ser Hax and Kiss Moonites

Today there are 127 members in the group.

Here is your slurl to The Acoustic Abyss

Quinton Whitman

Quinton Whitman over at The Acoustic Abyss.

Here is what Quinton's profile says:

Live musician From West Virginia, living outside of Philly Playing amix of orginials and covers from traditional appalachian to modern rock with my own twist as some say.
contact - notecards work best get IMs capped
Along with my partner Suka owner of Cuddler Cove a great place for live music and Friends.
CD Available - No Rest for the Bleary

Thats me kinda sorta, on that otherside. Rl, contact Quinton for any RL gigs.

Acepting Rl and SL dates for 2010 now. Drop a note or IM.
CD Available - No Rest for the Bleary

new website int he making

Hey, drop by and catch a show....then check out his website.

KatRose Serendipity

KatRose Serendipity was singing over at Kickin this morning. She sings a lot of different Genre but does throw in some country. Here is what her profile says:

Performing Songwriter. NSAI Songwriters, My Texas Music, BMI. KerrLeader: Kerrville Folk Festival


Thanks to my SERENDIPITY family for their support.

********** Buy the Kat Rose CD ************

You will want to catch one of her shows so click the schedule link above.

Friday, January 29, 2010



Welcome to the The Nightwish Nightclub.

Our music is Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, and some Country.

We have thye best of SL's live performers. Check NightWish under live music events for listings

Owners: Sandy Griffith & Skeeve Yoshikawa
Manager:Loralie Zenovka

Obviously I caught the country singers show tonight :)

mica Breen

One of secondlife's favorite singers, mica Breen was performing over at The NIGHTWISH NIGHTCLUB. He always puts on a great show. Catch a show when you can!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rosa Gardner

Hey yall, Rosa was DJing over at miss some good tunes and jokes if you miss her show. Send her an IM and find out when the next one is.....she loves the IMs. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

EdHausen Morpork

EdHausen was singing over at Memphis Blues.... yall check out his picks and see where he's at next. I think you will enjoy his shows!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Angee Seetan

Found Angee Seetan also over at Dumplings tonight. Angee just about knocked me out of my chair with her YEEHAAWs. :) Great sure to catch a show!

Ryde Whitman

Hey Yall, if you like the good ol classic need to check out DJ Ryde Whitman! He was over at Dumplings tonight and the sounds were solid country gold.

Check out his Picks to see show times.

Savannah Coronet

Savannah was doing her thing over at Red River Saloon tonight. Catch a show when you can!

Check her schedule for show times.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Waylon Haystack & Whiskey River at RED RIVER

We were over at Red River Saloon tonight. Waylon was sounding great and JenniferLee joined in on the fiddle to round out the band.

Check out Red River when you get a chance!

Peris Ashton

Peris Ashton was the DJ over at Coyote Country Saloon tonight. Here he is with ShayBlaisdale out on the dance floor.

Peris plays all kinds of music but was throwing out the Country tonight!

Peris has a group called PERIS'S CASTLE CLUB. Send him an IM to join the group. As of today there are 131 members in the group.

If your needing a DJ.... send him an IM for current rates and availability.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hogan Baily

Caught Hogan Baily's show tonight over at Orions Starlite Club. I would recommend you catch a show when you can.

Here's all the info you need to keep up with Hogan:

Hello Hallo Hiya and Howdy!!!

Its HOGAN, coming at you live from New Englad, United States! Thank you so much for showing an interest in me!

I have been singing since college, nothing professional, but onstage quite a bit. Done a little with a few live bands, play a little guitar. I have sung at weddings and parties, and I currently run a weekly Karaoke show locally. I am just starting my career here, and I am looking forward to seeing where this road leads, delving ever deeper into this crazy world that is SL! =)

I am versed more in country music than anything, but I will sing rock, pop, oldies, and maybe a bit of jazz to round things off. Hehehe! One thing for sure, when I leave the stage, I know that I have held nothing back, I give my all every show. Its my passion!




Rates...3k hr for singles and 2k hr for regulars (3 or more a month)

Shoot, just go ahead and book a show!!!!

The group is Hogan's it says, send him an IM and he will set you up in the group.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whiskey River 1-10-10

Tonight things were a little slow so Whiskey River decided to put a show together. If you missed it, you missed Waylon and JohnnyJo sharing the stage. They alternated every two songs and Johnny showed he can sing as good as he can play!

Waylon Haystack & Whiskey River 1-9-10

Last night was a lot of fun. We started out over at Quasar (bottom pic) for an hour and a half starting at 6sl. Then after a short break made our way to Freebirds for an hour starting at 8sl.
Johnny actually caught up with us there. That guy, I told Waylon not to let him drive the bus!

Follow us around if ya want! Great crowds and good ol country music!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Savannah Coronet - Patsy Cline

Ok yall......mark you calendars: WEDNESDAY JANUARY 27TH @ 5PMSLT

That's the next time you can hear Savannah do her Patsy Cline show. You wont want to miss this.

Come enjoy one hour of all your favorite Patsy Cline Hits performed by Second Life Country Music Entertainer SAVANNAH CORONET!!!

She'll tell you the story behind the songs and bring Patsy back to life with her voice. If you ever experienced Faded Love or was Crazy for loving someone...the songs will touch your heart. Come enjoy this hour with Patsy and Savannah!!

This show will be at Crabby Creek. LM attached.

Breakers Club and Mall

Breakers Club and Mall is a live music venue hosting several different SL singers. You will want to keep up with them as they are always changing for the better.

Waylon Haystack and Whiskey River has played there and the staff is always friendly and helpful. One of the great places for SL LIVE music.

You can contact one of the owners of Breakers (Beth, McCaw, Sab Bing or Chell Westland) and they can add you to the group.

As of today there are 66 members.

The Group Charter says:

here at Breakers.

Breakers is a different kind of club that plays a mix of 80's, 90's and today's latest hits. Its a place where you can relax and feel no pressure....a true relaxing "get away".

The Mall offers a wide variety from furniture by Kitsi, cards and hud books by Pseudoanne, art by Moonwolf, sinful things and ladies clothing by Velvet Rythms

Here is your slurl for Breakers Club and Mall

Phil Setner

Phil Setner was over at Breakers today.

You can join the Phil Setner Fan Club to keep up with all the places he sings. Here is what the group charter says:

hey hello thank you for joining my group and im glad you enjoy the songs i sing,i have set this group up so i can inform you of all the gigs and events i will be playing at and will put a notice out before every gig informing you.also if you would like me to sing a song you like let me know what it is and ill get it and have a go.

Thanks Phil

Phil has 94 members in the group as of today. He sings a many different genre and will throw a country tune in there as well. Check him out when you get a chance.

The Main Event

Ok yall, there are some places you just cant describe or even show with pictures!

The Main Event is a place you have to just go there to experience it yourself. This is a unique place where videos are playing all around you as you enjoy the music. You really need to check this place out!

You can contact DC Harbour, Ghostwalker Schwarz or Peacemaker Aker the owners, to join the group "Tropicana Estates"

There are 120 members in the group as of today. The owners are also great VJ's....that's right Video Jockies :)

To get the full effect at The Main Event, Ghostwalker suggest the following:

Media Setup

1. Install the quicktime player software from

2. OPen your preferences and click on the Audio & Video tab.

3. Put check marks in all 4 white boxes.

4. Click on apply then OK

5. On the bottom bar of your viewer start your media, click on the VCR type buttons next to the camera.

6. you should now be able to view the videos in secondlife.

If lag becomes an issue in some sims in your preferences uncheck the streaming video boxes in your preferences until you need them.

Here is your LM for The Main Event