Saturday, July 25, 2020

Savannah Coronet at SolarWinds

Speaking of great entertainers, Savannah Coronet packed in 70 plus at SolarWinds. It's a huge night for SL entertainment! Come on by if you get a chance, just click HERE.

Savannah Rain at Wildcat Country

I'm at Wildcat Country to see if Savannah Rain is going to crash the sim. There are 67 folks here and the crowd is still growing. Come check out a show, everyone else is :)

Hogan Baily at Greased Lightning

If you get a chance to see Hogan Baily don't pass it up. While he's not always singing country, he's sure always entertaining. He does a variety of songs but what I notice more is the way he entertains the crowd. Always a great show!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Todd Rumsford at Snowy River

Ring of FIRE with Todd Rumsford!

Todd took over after MsNatalie and kept the country music going. 153 members in Todds group. Plenty of room for you. Come on by HERE and join up!

MsNatalie at Snowy River

I finally made if over early enough to catch MsNatalie at Snowy River. You talk about some good ol' country, this is the show you want to see. Country the way it should be!

        I was going to list her songs here but with about 500 on her list it would take up several pages.

Check out how many songs are on the list from some of the great ones: 

10 songs from Anne Murray
7 songs from Crystal Gayle
9 songs from Dolly Parton
3 songs from Dottie West
16 songs from Patsy Cline
6 songs from Lacy Dalton
6 songs from Loretta Lynn
6 songs from Lorrie Morgan
4 songs from Miranda Lambert
4 songs from Patty Loveless
5 songs from Reba McEntire
19 songs from Tammy Wynette
21 songs from Tanya Tucker

And so many others. It's one of the few great country shows in Secondlife. Come on by and join her group tonight.

We are over at Snowy Rivers Beach Club for their 5th Anniversary. Click HERE to come check it out.


Monday, July 13, 2020


        I'm finishing up the night over at COUNTRY MOJO where DJ Delo will spin some tunes for you                and your host Maple Dark will toss you out a hello and group invite. Click HERE to come on over.

Savannah Coronet at White Horse Tavern

Starting the week off with one of my favorites, Savannah Coronet at White Horse Tavern.

50 plus folks over HERE at White Horse Tavern to hear Savannah sing. You know your pretty good when you have almost 2500 fans in  your group :)

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Savannah Rain at Wildcat Country

Another night of Savannah Rain doing country tunes at Wildcat Country.

75 folks at the show tonight. I wonder if she can crash the sim? I've seen it done a few times and if anyone can do it, she can. Come on over and let's find out. Just click HERE.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Savannah Rain at Denim & Diamonds

I'm over at Denims and Diamonds out at the beach listening to Savannah Rain. She sings a variety of songs including some great country tunes. 

So check this out, 62 folks can't be wrong. She always packs a crowd. Click HERE to come on over.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Lisa Petrolhead

Last night I walked into Snow River Saloon and heard a great Patsy Cline song. They had a live singer over there named Lisa Petrolhead tossing out the good old country classics.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Todd Rumsford at The Snowy River Saloon

I jumped over to the Snowy River Saloon and found the Honky Tonk man himself Todd Rumsford. He's one of my favorite singers in SL because he sings REAL country. Just check out his song list and you will see what I mean. If you need help getting over to the Snowy River Saloon, just click HERE.

Today they are up at the beach so come in your beach mood :)

The Snowy River Saloon has some great live music and is run by DJ Morph and DJ Rox. Two fine folks that run a great place to spend the evening listening to great country music.

AustinMoores at The Stage

You guys just missed AustinMoores over HERE, at The Stage in Nashville.

And if you needed it, here's proof the Austin Angels are hot dancers :)

If you missed the show here tonight, he is here every other week so be sure to catch the next one.