Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ok Yall, from Austin, Texas to the Smokin Aces here's NormReynolds Genesis! Tonight he's over here with the BluesBreakersBand tearing up the stage. Come on over!

Savannah  Coronet is singing at Trails End Saloon & Dance Hall. I dont have to tell you, if you've been to a Savvy show, it's packed. They ALWAYS are. Want to know why? Just go check it out for yourself.

Dont worry if it's so crowded you cant get in.  You can find out where she's singing next by clicking HERE.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Belleamore Scarmon (Belle) is your DJ over at Black Horse Country. You can catch Belle at Black Horse Mondays 8-10pm, then again from  12-2am, Wednesdays 2-4am, and Fridays 12-2am

DJ Maverick Haalan was playing Ala-freakin Bama over at Bama Country and the crowd was gettin into it. I personally think they all came to see your hostess Always Loveless in a bikini. The party is on at BAMA COUNTRY!

Over at Quasar Country Saloon, Dee Wolfe just got done with her set, but dont worry, Travadera Cristole will keep the tunes coming. Come check it out.

Yall heard Jewel Brinner yet?  Why not?  She's over at Smokin Aces right now. There may be time to catch a song if you hurry.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Look at the crowd over at BAMA Country. That's h4rd2l0ve your DJ and always loveless as your hostess. They are just about done with their set, look what you missed! Come see whos up next. BAMA Country, packed and ready!

Clan Murchu is your DJ for the next couple hours over at Quasar. Cheyenne Roecastle is your hostess. They are just getting started so there's plenty of time to come over an enjoy some great country music.

Slow start today, but here I am over at Metaverse Music Expo where my buddy Bo Hoyes is singing to a HUGE crowd. I think he's finishing up here, but you can catch him all over the grid.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Over at Black Horse Country at 7:00 PM PST, Shaye Dezno will be here singing. Plenty of time to get over there!

Here at Quasar Mason Jonstone is your DJ and Destiny Jonstone is your hostess. You can bet if they are there, the party is on!

NormReynolds Genesis was singing the stuff we like down here in Austin Texas over at Temptation Falls. That's Roy Domela on Lead Guitar helping out. Back there on the drums is River Lake. If you hurry you can get over there before their done.

Tonight the first stop was over at Alafia Country Escape's Smokine Aces where Biggen Inglewood was singing. He's singing all over the place so if you want to keep up with where he's at, just click HERE.

Ok, yall, now I'm over at Rockin Roost hearin my buddy Justme Carlucci. You guys gotta check out this Okie, he can sing em. :)

Contact Justme to see where he's playin next. He gets around!

Next stop today is Hillbilly Palace which is owned by Jarrod Ramer and Greta Moonwall. You can get over there by clicking right HERE.

Right now your DJ is RegY Constantine and your hostess is Stacie Elman. Hillbilly Palace is looking for DJ's and Hostesses so if your interested in this opportunity just contact the Hillbilly Palace Manager Cher Catteneo or pick up an application out front.

Ok, I'm starting the day over at Quasar and it's picking up fast so you need to hurry up on over here.

Yall probably know CC, as he is the best DJ in all of secondlife. I'm not saying there aren't some good ones out there, but they better come learn from him as he's the best I know of.

Now, your hostess this morning is Alice Rudolf, and I think we would all agree she's easy on the eyes and will tell ya hello just for walking into the place.

From what I understand, they just about had a wedding here last night, so there's no telling what might happen today. Get on over to Quasar!   Need a ride, just click HERE.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eliz Watanabe is singing right now at Wiseguys. If you want to book Eliz for a show, just IM her or contact her manager, Cindi Mulford.

Springrose Bashly (Springy) is the DJ over at Quasar now. Come over and help her out with some request. Springy is your resident fill in DJ :) You never know when she will be spinning the tunes. She's easy on the eyes and just told me, she would love for someone to come sweet talk her. Come on over and get in line.

Over at Quasar where Dugal McMillan is your DJ and Alice Rudolf is the hostess. Come on over!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trezol Roecastle is your DJ tonight over at Quasar Country Saloon. You can catch him right here from 4-6SL on Sundays. Cheyenne Roecastle is his host, come on over and hear some great Country tunes.

You could have caught Waylon Haystack and the Whiskey River Band last night at Quasar. We still get around now and then.

Yesterday Bo Hoyes followed us up at Smokin Aces. Contact Bo or Looker Hannibal for booking information.

Friday, February 10, 2012

New place for me tonight, over at Night Jewell S Ranch & Song Birds live music venue. Rhia Cleanslate was singing some country and other genre's.

Next up, Charndon Kass over at The Purelife Lodge. Charndon has a blog over HERE.

Satin & Erin over at Smokin' ACES's this evening. That's my first stop, now where to?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My next stop was over to Smokin' Ace's to hear Lonnie Rocket.  Just IM Lonnie to see where he's singing next.        

Here's the current schedule for Smokin' ACE's

                                 2-3 GHOSTIE WILDMIST    - DEE
                                 3-4 BRIXTON CANNING   - BOW
                                 4-5 TBA                          - BOW
                                 5-6 ELVISARONPRESLEY LISA   - AMANDA
                                 6-7 LONNIE ROCKETT - KARA
                                 7-8 TBA                  -  SMIDGE
                                 8-9 HARRY FRYCHESTER - SMIDGE
                                   2-3 MAD WONDER -  AMANDA
                                   3-4 MIHAERE SHAMEN - AMANDA
   FRIDAY 10th          4-5 MERRICK ROBONAUGHT - BOW
                                   5-6 SATIN & ERIN         - KARA
                                   6-7 NIGHTFLAME4U -  DEE
                                   7-8 ROCKY TOOCOOL - DEE
                                  3-4 LIBERTYBELLE LYRIC- AMANDA
                                  4-5 WYTCHWHISPER SADOFSKY  - AMANDA
                                  5-6 BIGGEN INGLEWOOD -   KARA
                                  6-7 BO HOYES        -  KARA

           All time and singers are subject to change, you know how SL can be :)

Next up at Boom Pony is Annan Dreamscape.

It's my first time hearing Annan, this is what her profile says:

I'm back and singing regularly again in SL. I'm doing a lot of dual streaming now with other musicians, as well as my solo tracks shows. I'm also learning uke and guitar.  Music is why I'm here and it's what I love! Music and dancing make me HAPPY! So do my friends and those who share music with me! :)
I'm proud to be represented by Dirval Music Associates - SL's premier agency. Interested in booking me? Please contact Brookee Pevensey!

Hogan Baily was singing over at Boom Pony Music Club this evening. I haven't heard Hogan in awhile and was glad I could catch some of his country performance. Click HERE to get Hogan's schedule.

Boom Pony Busic Club is doing a country night every other Thursday so you will want to check that out! The Boom Poney Music Club is owned and operated by Kiran Sporg and Andi Karsin. With three venues, you will find some great music no matter what genre you like to hear.

There's 282 members in the group. Come on by and get added.