Monday, November 29, 2010

Norm Goldshark at Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge

Here's Norm Goldshark singing over at Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge this evening. If you feel like doing a little ballroom dancing while listening to some great country music, come on over.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Savannah Coronet at Sherie's Live Music Venue

Ended up a great weekend of SL country music listenting to Savannah Coronet over at Sherie's Live Music Venue. You might not believe it, but she can even do Haggard pretty well! Be sure to request a few Haggard tunes, as she just loves to do them. :)

Niles Compton at Sydney's Live Music

Niles Compton did a show over at Sydney's Live Music. You can see by the crowd that this place was packed! You can look up Niles on the web, just click HERE.

Shaye Dezno at Texas Angels

Shaye Dezno was singing over at Texas Angels tonight. Shaye always does a great show. If you missed the show tonight, you can catch one of these listed in her profile:

Mon. Nov. 29 - Two Moons Studios @ 2pm
Wed. Dec. 1 - Moonshines @ 5pm
Thurs. Dec. 2 - Bodyshots @ 5pm
Fri. Dec. 3 - Quasar Country Saloon @ 7pm

Thanks to Ashton Xeltentat for the pic.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Savannah Coronet at Black Horse Country

Ok, after months of trying (and thats no exaggeration) I made it in to Black Horse Country during a Savannah Coronet show! Wow, Black Horse is usually packed, and when you add Savannah's show, it's a party to remember. I dont even think all the Savvy girls could get there.

Savannah is at Black Horse every other Saturday night at 9 so try your luck and see if you can make the next show.

mica Breen at Dukes of Hazzard Country Club

Here's mica Breen singing over at Dukes of Hazzard Country Club this evening. mica has some 1000 or so songs he can sing, something for everyone! Stop by a show and request one, I'm sure he can sing it.

Here's mica's schedule, just click THIS.

Krisie Snowdrop at Zhora Falls Live Music

Did you catch Krisie Snowdrop's show at Zhora Falls Live Music? Well, if not, just click HERE to see where she's singing next.

Don Cabassoun at Helle's Angels

Don Cabassoun did a show at Helle's Angels today. Don always does a great job, be sure to catch his next show if you dont hurry up and get to this one.

Where is his next show? It looks like you can find out by clicking HERE.

Ricardo Avalira at Rock n Roll Cafe

Ricardo Avalira was singing over at Rock n Roll Cafe this afternoon. Here is some information about Ricardo from his BIO:

Ricardo Avalira has been singing/performing in real life for several years. His passion and love for music is clear and is conveyed in his performances. His main genre is Country & Classic Rock but what is unique about this performer is his ability to cross genres and do them very well. Above all, his charismatic nature touches the hearts of his listeners.

Keep your eye on this upcoming singer/performer. He has a unique style that's catching on

For showtimes and events, see my Google Calendar.

Check out my listening booth where you can hear 3 of my songs and subscribe to my list to be informed about new performances.

To see his schedule just click HERE.

Eliz Watanabe at Elegance Ballroom 11-27-10

I had to get all dressed up to go see Eliz Watanable over at Elegance Ballroom but it's always worth the trouble to hear Eliz sing. :)

Check Eliz out on the web on My Space. Just click HERE.

Wookie Wasser at Fiddler's Saloon

Speaking of Fiddler's, here is your DJ Wookie Wasser spinning tunes during the Best in Hillbilly-Redneck contest today. Your hostess is sandyc6569 Beebe.

You can catch Willow here at Fiddler's Mon and Wed from 5pm-7, Tue from 2:30 to 4:30 and then again on Sat's from 9am to 11.

Contact him directly if you want to schedule him for your event.

Dusty's Western Wear

Ok, so you need a western outfit? Here's a place that can fix you up. Right next to Fiddler's Saloon in Salt Creek is Dusty's Western Wear. There's clothes for men and women so come check them out. If you need a Slurl, it's right HERE.

Texas Steamweaver at Golden Spur Saloon

Starting out this morning over at the Golden Spur Saloon where Texas Steamweaver is your DJ and JulieAnn Teardrop is your host.

There's 400L on the contest board for "Best in Boots".

You can catch Texas DJing here at the Golden Spur Tuesday through Fridays from 4-6 and again on Saturdays 8am to 10.

Savannah Coronet at Madeleine's Jazz and Blues

Ashton helped out by catching the multi-talented Savannah Coronet over at Madeleine's Jazz and Blues. Savannah has a busy schedule, to see where she is at next, just click HERE.

Tristyn Homewood at Ami's

Ok, Ami's had a great lineup too. Right after Savannah was Tristyn Homewood. There is a lot of great live music in SL.

Savannah Coronet at Ami's Roadhouse

Here is everyone's favorite, Savannah Coronet and the Savvy Girls over at Ami's Roadhouse Saloon. I say everyone's favorite because if you notice, it's always standing room only at Savannah's shows.

Charndon Kass at My Wish Venue

Right after Bo came Charndon Kass! It was a nice lineup of singers over at My Wish.

Bo Hoyes at My Wish Venue

Here's Bo Hoyes yesterday over at My Wish Venue. And that's Ashton Xeltentat on the drums. I did go up and help him out on keyboards, now.....where did I put that pic?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hansei River Horses

Here's an interesting place for you to check out. Hansei River Horses..... if your looking for a new SL horse, these act about as real as you can get. You can breed them, ride them, raise them, sell act auction, just like the real thing.

Ok, if you head over thing. There is a new little colt born today named "Way Out Here". You can buy him pretty cheap but if you take him home, make sure you take care of him properly cuz I named him. If not, I'll come lookin for ya :)

You might want to check out the Grand Opening coming up. Here's the info:

☞☞☞ HANSEI RIVER HORSES (Amaretto Breedables) ☜☜☜

★ ★ ★ GRAND OPENING WEEK!!! (December 6-12) :★ ★ ★
Hansei River sells a full line of Amaretto Breedable Horses and Bundles on a beautiful western sim. Come for the fun or buy a horse. Ride them or breed your own and sell them!! <==Join our group <== check our events

☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ EVENTS: ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀
♞ 2 Auctions ♞
Thurs Dec 9, 5-6pm SLT
Sat Dec 11, 12-1pm SLT

♬ 2 Live Music Concerts ♬
Tues Dec 7, 5-6pm SLT - RENO SEGALL

☊ 1 Disco Party - w/DJ Country Western theme ☊
Mon Dec 6, 5-7pm SLT - DJ Strummer Skytower
HOST: Lips Contepomi

★ Freebies
★ Shops
Harm's Way
Pet's Pics
Xi Hermit Tarot
That's YT!
Doll Life
Bond Street
Restrained Freedom

For Special requests and deals on horses contact Sunnoble Shippe or Jocelyn Moyet

Cheers Dance & Trivia Club

Here's a live music venue you need to check out. It's called Cheers Dance & Trivia Club. The venue is owned by Twilight Lowtide. You can join the group which is called Cheers2. As of today there are 211 members in the group. If your a singer and would like to perform here at Cheers just contact Twilight for more information.

MichaelJames Magic at Cheers2

Caught MichaelJames Magic show next over at Cheers2. If you haven't heard MichaelJames, here is what his profile says:

Formerly known as Dominick Manatiso
Voted Sl Country Artist Of The Year 2010
Michael Has Been Singing For Over 20 Years And Covers A Huge Variety Of Music. His Influences Include Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, James Taylor And Neil Diamond. Michael Loves To Entertain And It Shows During His Shows. He Loves To Get The Crowds Involved And Is Devoted To Make Sure A Great Time Is Had By All. Michael Has His Songlist Readily Available To All With A List Available At His Shows

You can come catch a show and hit the subscriber button on his sign for new updates.

Chapman Zane at Guthries

I like to start out easy listening mornings over at Guthries Folk Club. Chapman Zane was singing this morning when I got over there, but as you can see from the lineup sign, they start early!
Need a LM for Guthries? Just click HERE.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Iron Horse Saloon

As I was saying, I find new venues all the time. Today I found a few of my favorite singers singing at The Iron Horse Saloon. You can see by today's lineup they know how to get quality singers!

Singers: If your looking for a venue, contact Gerome Handrick for information on singing at this great place.

The Iron Horse Saloon is owned by Krisie Snowdrop and Vin Grizot. You can join the group which is called IronHorse Saloon. As of today there are 260 members in the group.

You should check out this live music is the slurl for The Iron Horse Saloon.

Krisie Snowdrop at Temptation Falls

There are a lot of new places or places I've yet to visit that support live music. Krisie Snowdrop was singing over at Temptation Falls, one of the many live music venues in SL.
If you do not know Krisie, this is what her BIO says:

Krisie is a Small Town Canadian Lady
that loves Country, Jazz. Oldies . Pop and Rock.
She Sings her way through every day
in all her worlds ;)

Come hang out, dance and sing along >
Join her group , Subscriber or
Add her as a friend today .. ;)

You can Usually find her Hanging out at her Bar
"The Iron Horse Saloon"
or check her MYSPACE

Merrick Robonaught at Kickin Club

Merrick Robonaught with help from Illusion Parks put on a great show at Kickin Club this afternoon! I have Merrick's schedule right HERE.

Bo Hoyes at Iron Horse Island

Here's my buddy Bo Hoyes over at Iron Horse! If your looking to book Bo for your event just contact Klaire Clary and she will fix you up. You can check out Bo's myspace page HERE, or catch a show. Here is his schedule.

Savannah Coronet at Crabby Creek

Savannah Coronet over at Crabby Creek! With a little help from the Savvy Gang, from left to right, Serray Elkhart, Marleen Bamaisin and Cindi Mulford.
IF you can find room to get into a Savvy show click HERE for your next opportunity.

Beccca Baxton at Melodies Live Music

Caught part of Beccca Baxton's show over at Melodies Live Music Venue and Shops today. If you missed the show, you can see when the next one is by clicking HERE.

NormReynolds Genesis at Iron Horse

NormReynolds Genesis was singing over at The Iron Horse today. If you miss the show just do a search in the events and find his next show. When you get over there, just hit the subscriber tab on his sign. You will get notices for future shows.

Leala Spire at Golden Spur Saloon

Head over to Golden Spur Saloon and you can get a song from Leala Spire! Galadrial Avedon is your hostess and at this time the contest is FAVOURITE HAIR for 300L.
Leala's DJ schedule is :

Golden Spurs - Mon Tues & Thurs 2 to 4pm
Dry Gulch - Wed 12 to 2 & Thurs 8 to 10am
Coyote Country - Sun 6 to 8

Alisha Zhong

Ok so I got some catching up to do..... today over at Black Horse Country Alisha Zhong is your DJ. Like always Black Horse Country is packed and doing well!
Come on down to Black Horse and Alisha will play a tune for you. If you cant make it today, here is her schedule with the places she DJs.

9-11 PM Swinging Banana

1-3 Black Horse
6 to 8 pm Candyland

9-11am Monkey Island

9-11 am Monkey Island
noon to 2 Blackhorses

9-11 am Monkey Island
5-7 PM Swinging Banana

11 to 1 pm BlackHorse
1-3 Monkey Lick
4-6 CandyLand
cowboy up 6 to 10

11-1 Monkey Lick
4-6 pm Candyland

You can also join her group. The group is called Ali's Rebels. As of today there are 11 members so get in there and lets build the group up!