Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ok...just a reminder...Tomrrow 9-29-10 at Kickin Club!

9-29-10 Kickin Club

Ok, here is a lineup for ya:

8am LilMisspriss Lane
9am Remy Farman
10am Reno Segall
11am Wolfie MoonShadow
12pm TonyTheTiger Cluny
1pm Shaye Dezno
2pm Saffron Albatross
3pm Johnny Paramour
4pm Merrick Robonaught
5pm Bobby Longspring
6pm Rayna Gorham
7pm Krisie Snowdrop
8pm Colt Arun
9pm Jesika WireFly

Please Join Us

Wednesday, September 29th

Kickin Club Here's your RIDE.

Help us Raise money for Relay For Life

Event starts at 8am SLT and winds down at 9pm SLT

Live Performers EVERY HOUR of the 14 Hour event!!

So come on out and Give Till it Helps!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eliz Watanabe

Hey, Yall keeping up with Eliz Watanabe? Here is a note from her:

Hey Everybody,

I wanted to notify you of the shows I have today all at once so you know how to plan your day. I have 3 shows today and unfortunately I won't be singing tomorrow at Cascadia due to a real life event I have to go to. The first one is the grand reopening of Verona Knights owned by Calista Lexico and ceejay Ghostaltar. I hope you will come out and support them in their reopening. The second show is at the Realm of the Emerald Mountains right after the mer auction they will be having. The auction is to get a date with some beautiful mermaid or handsome merman and it starts at 2:00pm. The last show I will be doing is at Endeavour Cove where they have excellent shopping and boating. Times and locations to follow at the end of this notecard.

Now for a bit of Eliz news. I have had to make some changes in my singing schedule unfortunately. As some of you know, i work full time at a job outside of second life that is highly demanding and stressfull (someone has to bring home the bacon). I wish I could just sing all day but I can't. We recently changed our work hours and I have been working 9.5 hour days along with the 45 minute drive each way. I was stretching myself pretty thin, trying to work and sing and do everything else I need to do. So for the time being I will only be singing on the weekends. I really hated to make this change because I have been singing at some wonderful venues for a long time during the week who have supported me through thick and thin but I had to in order to be able to keep singing at all. This change will give me the ability to concentrate on giving you guys better quality shows when I am not so stressed out all the time. I am also working on some plans for the future so stay tuned for those.

Hope to see you all there
Eliz :)

11:00am Verona Knights - semi formal dress

3:00pm Realm of the Emerald Mountains - if you would like to dress up, come as a mermaid or merman or some other medeival wear

7:00pm Endeavour Cove

Golden Spur Saloon

Right now over at Golden Spur Saloon your DJ is Davidx Sinister and your host is Lucille Raynier. Come on over and enjoy some fine country music! BTW, there is 500L on the board for Best in Tattoo.

Alafia Country Escape

Alafia Country Escape:

Escape the daily grind @Alafia Country Escape!! - ACE

At our new sim we offer:
BEAUTIFUL HOMES - several to choose from & all very reasonably priced

SHOPS FOR RENT - various prim counts at very low prices

TRAILER PARK - very low rental

OUR RECREATION AREA - complete with swimming pool that is free to use but available for private rental. Visit Starkist our dolphin in his pool just next to the recreation area

ENTERTAINMENT - We have some of THE finest artists that SL has to offer

ALAFIA COUNTRY CHURCH - we have Sunday Service every week @4pm slt. It is nondenominational. Come over & join in the fellowship

PLAYGROUND AREA - bring the kids & go for a slide or swing on the old tire

Come on over... take a walk thru the green park areas...lots of water features. So much to see you will have to come & take a walk thru' just to see it all.

U.S Rose Country

Ok yall, U.S Rose country is having a special event tomorrow the 26th. This is from usmale:

Starting at 1pm SLT untill 10pm SLT, live singers, DJs, maybe even some giveaways, and cash give aways. Come on out and hoot n holler and have a great time with us. We also have a store, banana wang game.

From what I understand there are a couple of open singing slots left. Contact usmale if you would like to get in on this Summer Bash!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kim Seifert at Effie's Designs

Kim Seifert was singing over at Effie's Designs. Check out her profile and get her booked for your event!

Time to update my profile. Let's see....I am a singer/songwriter and fledgling guitarist. I perform in Secondlife as Kim Seifert and real life in a local band as .... well Kim Seifert. if you wanna book me, please contact Gavin MacKay, or check out my sites!
You can view my performance schedule here --

UCanCallMe Dumpling

I caught UCanCallMe Dumpling's show this evening. Come by Dumplings and check her out.
Here's what her profile says:

My Name is UCanCallMe Dumpling and you can call me "DUMPLING"!
I am new to singing here in SL. I actually started out as a Country Music Venue owner. Then started DJ'ing at my venue. As I got comfortable with DJ'ing, I started to sing along with some of the songs for fun.
I got some positive responses from that and got braver still and started out singing a few songs. With more encouragement I have added more songs and am having so much fun with it!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Angee Seetan at Madeleine's Jazz & Blues

Angee Seetan's singing over at Madeleine's Jazz & Blues this morning! Better head on over there!

Black Horse Country

Black Horse Country, where there is always something going on! Dakota Christensen is your DJ this morning so head on over.

Golden Spur Saloon

Ok, lets get it started! zone Viper is your DJ over at Golden Spur Saloon this morning! The contest is Best in Costume with 300L in the line. Bladewin Fargis is your host....come on down and get in on the contest!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shaye Dezno at Nic's House of Tunes

Shaye Dezno had a huge crowd today over at Nic's House of Tunes. Shaye always has a big crowd and puts on a great show. Be sure to check them out!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Johnny Paramour at Twilight LIve - Music Venue

Johnny Paramour was also singing over at Twilight Live - Music Venue this evening. Check him out, he's got a great country sound.

Krisie Snowdrop at Twilight Live - Music Venue

Another back to back performance at Twilight Live - Music Venue, up next is Krisie Snowdrop!
If you missed it, just click HERE for the next show.

Rayna Gorham at Twilight Live - Music Venue

Rayna Gorham was singing over at Twilight Live - Music Venue. Check out her BIO:

www.raynasl.com - visit Rayna's website for sample songs and more info!♥

Rayna grew up and resides in Kentucky in the United States. She has always had a deep love of music and enjoys various styles. Rayna has been singing in RL since the age of 13 at local social events and weddings. Although fairly new to performing in SL, she has been here for over 5 years. She believes music touches the heart and sings from hers with every song. Rayna sings primarily country and pop. She enjoys bringing music to the residents of SL and making special new friends along the way. Rayna looks forward to growing in the SL Live Music Community.

"Life is sweeter, when you carry a song in your heart"
~Rayna ♫♪♥

To see where Rayna is singing next just click HERE.

Savannah Coronet at Steampipe Alley Nightclub

Savannah Coronet packs them in over at Steampipe Alley Nightclub! A great show like always. If you ever get to a Savannah show and their's not more then 40 avies there, you better take off running, it means SL is about to explode! That would be the only thing that could keep them away.
Check her schedule HERE and catch a show!

Tristyn Homewood at Alafia Country Escape

Ok so right after Norm here at Alafia's Smokin Aces we have Tristyn Homewood. You still got time for this one so head on over.
If you cant make it, click HERE to see where the next show is.

Ok, just got word, after Tristyn you can stay to hear Charndon Kass, then Brixton Canning and then another shot of NormReyolds Genesis!

That's right, a full lineup over at Alafia Country Escape - Smokin Aces

NormReynolds Genesis at Alafia Country Escape

Just caught the last part of NormReynolds Genesis's show at Alafia Country Escape. Check with him or his Manager tigs Sweetwater to see where the next show is.

U.S. Rose Country

Here's what is happening at US ROSE today:
2-3 Milila Avedon will be singing Hostess is Rosa
3-4 Rick Ireland will be singing Hostess is Rosa
4-6 Your DJ is EJ Canned famous people contest Hostess is Jenna
6-8 Your DJ is Biker Sharkfin contest is Military Hostess is Ame

Harmonia Trefoil at Mitch's Rose Jazz Club

Harmonia Trefoil sings several different genres including Country. Today she is over at Mitch's Rose Jazz Club.
Here is her BIO:

Harmonia's fans say this "One of the best voices I have heard in SL." She is one of the premier singers in SL with many successful shows at many of the top venues in SL. She sings 2-3 times a day currently. Her style is a blend of country, standards, pop and oldies. She sings 7 days a week and has a fan group with over 1000 when combined with her subscribe-0-matic members. She also does trivia so you can win some LINDENS. Being a tips only singer she gives back part of her jar in an effort to help music stay strong in SL by giving 5-15% back to the venue at every show.

When she has time for RL (LOL) she sings with a band that does block parties, social events and some open mics at coffee houses

To find out where Harmonia is singing next just click HERE.

Niles Compton Notice


Thursday, September 9th @ 7pm

******Niles Compton LIVE******

After being gone for over 7 months due
to throat issues...The Amazing NILES COMPTON
He will be singing MODERN COUNTRY, ROCK & POP
His Voice will MELT you Where you Stand

Here is your Slurl to Jesterwood Bowl

Golden Spur Saloon 9-7-10

Here is today's schedule for The Golden Spur Saloon:

Time DJ Host Event

Monday, September 6, 2010

Golden Spur Saloon

Ok it's best in bikini at Golden Spur and your DJ....in his bikini.....is none other then Ghostwalker Schwarz! You notice, there is no close up of Ghostwalker on here. Some things just aint right. :)
However, if you would like a close up shot, (for future blackmails) just send me an IM.
Get on down to Golden Spur Saloon!

Eliz Watanabe at Casablanca Ballroom

Eliz Watanabe is singing over at Casablanca Ballroom. Dont worry, you stop by with your cowboy hat and she cant help but sing some Country. Must be the Country girl in her. :) Drop her a NC if you are interested in booking her for your event.

Charndon Kass at Dumplings

Charndon Kass was signing over at Dumplings. Dumplings knows how to do Country, and Charndon knows how to sing it. Contact Jade Berry to book Charndon for your event!

mica Breen at Whisky RIver Saloon

mica Breen was over at Whisky River Saloon. He says he was singing at 70 percent but sounds 100 pct to me. Come and give a listen.

Colt Arun at Wiseguys Social Club

Head over to Wiseguys and you can catch the last half of Colt Arun. If you miss it, just click HERE to see where he's at next.

NormReynolds Genesis at Kickin Club

Ok, back to the live music. NormReynolds Genesis over at Kickin Club! Cant go wrong with anyone from Austin, TX. :)

Raisin Ranch at Fruit Islands

SkyRider Sicling is your DJ today over at Raisin Ranch Fruit Islands.

Torry Baar edges out Eli Alderton in the cross country race at Raisin Ranch. You can grab a free horse and get into the races. Come on down, HERE is your Slurl.

Dusty's Home Furnishings

Hey, dont forget to fix up the ol homestead. You can get your furniture right here at Dusty's Home Furnishings.

Dusty's Western Wear

For one of the largest collection of Western Wear, you can teleport over to Salt Creek 2 and check out Dusty's Western Wear. You can get completly outfitted here.

Fiddler's Saloon, Dusty's Western Wear

Ok, over at Fiddler's Saloon your DJ is Binko Mubble and the contest is best in Uniform. There's 200L up for grabs so come on over.

Riders Western Ware

Hey yall, need some new western wear? Check out Riders Western Ware over at Golden Spur Saloon. You can make your own custom Belt Buckle, grab a new hat, Jeans and Shirts, it's all here.

Golden Spur Saloon

Starting out today over at Golden Spur Saloon. It's best in black and 500L up on the board! Your hostess is GrannyToad SpiritWeaver and your DJ is Davidx Sinister. Some great country music will help get your Monday off to a great start. Come on over!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Next it was over at Quasar Country Saloon. Peachie Hold is your DJ today, and it's her birthday!

Come on down and tell Peachie happy birthday!

Country Crossroads

DJ ditto Shoreland is playing the tunes over at Crounty Crossroads. Come on over and request a few songs!

Black Horse Country

I got over to Black Horse Country just as September Rae was taking over the DJing for Busybee Beaver.
Black Horse Country is always packed! Contact Busybee and September to find out the DJing schedules.

Dry Gulch USA

TAB36 Kappler is your DJ over at Dry Gulch USA and there is 1250L on the boards for Best In Chaps!

Better get over there fast though.

Golden Spur Saloon

Folks are dropping in fast over at Golden Spur Saloon. Come on over, it's best in Favorite Outfit. Right now there is 200L on the board.

ally Blackheart on the left is your hostess and your DJ on the right is Amber Schridde. Give Amber a holler and find out when she's DJing!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

SHIRAZ Country Night

Ok yall, every Thursday from 6-8pm Shiraz has Country Night. Be sure to check out DJ Sharcrista Quan over at Shiraz on Thursdays!