Saturday, May 28, 2011

Savannah Coronet at Apheca Show State

Savannah Coronet just started at Apheca Show Stage! She's backed up today by the Savvy Gang. Ariradel Bowenford, marleen bamalsin and angelica oakleaf.

Eliz Watanabe at Elegance Ballroom

Eliz Watanabe is performing now at Elegance Ballroom. Put your fance clothes on and head on over there. If you miss the show, just click HERE for her schedule.

Lolene Quicksand at Blue Angel

Lolene Qucksand was singing some country and older rock over at Blue Angel today. Come along with me this Memorial Day weekend and let's see who's new out there and visit some of the regulars.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Savannah Coronet at Roadhouse Dreams

ROADHOUSE DREAMS was packed tonight because Savannah Coronet was singing. She still packs a crowd! Check out a show, but get here early or you might not get in.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Black Horse Country

When you talk about SL Country you have to talk about Black Horse Country. Excidium Stonewall created Black Horse Country. A place for country folks to come and hear great music and just enjoy the country way of life. When you come over to Black Horse, I would encourage you to look around. Yes the place will be packed and the DJ's will be playing your favorite country tunes, but take a few minutes and look around the sim. Look what Ex built for you to enjoy. You wont be disappointed. I never am.

NormReynolds Genesis at Riders Cove

Caught the last part of NormReynolds Genesis's show at Riders Cove. He sings all over, catch a show and see how someone from Austin Texas entertains a crowd.

Tristyn Homewood at Golden Spur Saloon

Golden Spur Saloon was hosting Tristyn Homewood this evening.

You can see when the next Tristyn Homewood show is by clicking HERE.

Wendy Curtiss at Sunset Jazz Club

Wendy Curtiss was singing over at Sunset Jazz Club this evening.

You can catch her there on Monday's at 7sl. Then on Thursdays at Sailors Cove 8sl and finally at Merry Pranksters, Mondays's at 9sl.

Find out more on her webs site at