Sunday, March 21, 2010

Savannah Coronet at Apheca Show Stage

Everybody's favorite! Savannah Coronet at Apheca Show Stage today!

If you missed her here today, no see her schedule just click HERE

Episode Beach

Episode Beach is owned by mereleigh Miles and Dougie Moonites.

Today's Lineup:

Today we have a great lineup!
10:00am - Heleana Ariantho
11:00am - RB Hamelin
12:00pm - Dougie Moonites (if Bern can control his doughnut craving)

As of today there are 448 members in the group.

Be sure to catch a show here at Episode Beach

RB Hamelin at Episode Beach

Caught RB Hamelin's show over at Episode Beach this morning.

Want to know where RB is playing? Just click HERE

Black Horse Country

Hey yall.......bull riding contest today over at Black Horse!

Here's the notice.....and your slurl.

You've got 12 hours - from 10 am to 10 pm SLT to ride BART and whoever has the best time will win 300L$. Second best time gets 200L$. Bart is a mean one and won't let you ride for very long so give yourself some time to KEEP TRYING. COME ON DOWN AND JOIN THE BLACK HORSE FAMILY.

Black Horse Country

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Here's whats happening at Fiddlers toady:

First Day of Spring

DJ- Dusty
Event- Faded Jeans & Vests

Event -King & Queens

11:30 - 1:30pm
DJ- Avita??
Host -Binko
Event -Doc & Nurses

DJ- Chip
Event-Logo Jeans

DJ -Anjeltic
Host -Shilo C
Event -Funny boots, Moon boots, strange boots

7 - 9pm
DJ -Tinker
Host -BluSky

9:30 - 11:30 pm
DJ - Brea
Host- Scouter
Event --Trashy/Junk Yard......(be a bag lady, street person,redneck, hobo, hookies, hippie, junky yard dog, trash collector

11:30pm - 1:30am
DJ - Brea
Host -Jerseypeach
Event -Pink / Black

Pure Country Ranch & Saloon

Here is today's line up for Pure Country!

We have a full day of Party happenin! Check out this line up! We are hoping you make it over to the party :) ~ GW, Kariann & Cherry~ WOOT and the Whole Pure Country Family Welcomes You!


10a12p Karaoke - Dexy halostar (health willing)
12-2 DJ Cookie (Crystalfalls)
2p-4p DJ Webface & Tess
4p-6p DJ CPL & Mandy
6p-7p DJ KARIANN (GW) & Mandy
7p-9p DJ Abby / Beccara
9p-10p DJ RAY & Ladybug

We sure hope you like out line up - Please send me a notecard with any input :) We love you - This is your club!

Waylon Haystack and Whiskey River New Venue

The place was packed! And the crowd was fun. If you missed this show you missed a great one! Dont be left out next time!

Cowboy Sparta dancing with sheep?

Yep, I was on Steel and Keyboard.

Ashton Xeltentat was keeping beat!

Look! Dutch Brodie was pickin with us!

Then Waylon took the stage!

The Stage looked Great!

JohnnyJo Dover started us out tonight at our home venue "OLD CIMARRON"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Melodies Live Music Venue and Shops

Speaking of Melodies Live Music Venue and Shops, it's owned by twix Baxter.

This is what his profile says about the club:

Music makes you feel...........every feeling in the book.

Why not visit us and come listen to the best live artists in SL ;-))

Blues - Rock - Pop - Classic......
you name it.....

Come enjoy the beautiful scenery and let your mind be blown away.

Welcome to MELODIES :-))

Here's your slurl for Melodies Live Music Venue and Shops

CharlieO Michigan

After was over to Melodies Live Music Venue and Shops to see CharlieO Michigan.

Charlie has a group called Charlie O's Mississippi Mudcats.

Here's what he charter says:

Friends and followers of SLs CharlieO Michigan (Mississippi's own Charlie Olson).

This is "delta blues on steroids"!!

For more information, go to

Charlie sits out on the back porch just picking and singing for ya. Come catch a show!

Ringo Robonaught

Next it was over to Guthries Folk Club to see Ringo Robonaught.

Here's what Ringo's profile says:

For Bookings contact Me For Ringo Play Dates:
With 37 years of performing, Ringo Robonaught my influences are Beatles,(thus the Ringo moniker) Dylan, Buffett, Mellencamp.
With more than 140 songs in his original arsenal he states, "I'm always looking for some kind of catalyst to draw another song out of me."
He dedicates his music to the fight for justice and free speech against racism, fascism, intolerancer and greed.
Check with Ringo for Rates.

Get Ringo's current schedule here

Harrison Digfoot

Started out today over at Secret Passions Live Music Venue & Mall to hear Harrison Digfoot.

Here's what Harrison's profile says:

Streaming live from Sunny Georgia to SL, playing Americana, Pop, Classics, Covers and Originals. For availability and booking info contact my manager, Tellstar Clarity or my Booking Agent, Hennessey Sautereau.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dumplings Mascot "Markus"

Markus the Dumplings Mascot has been kidnapped!

We need to locate this poor Mascot before the unthinkable happens! We need to do a GRID WIDE search!

As you can see, everyone at Dumplings is already looking all over the sim!

Head over there ASAP, here's your slurl

After that, just go down the list of venues on the left side of this page and start looking. He's got to be inworld somewhere!

Good Luck, and good hunting!

Jed Tharnaby

Jed Tharnaby was playing today over at Mckinney's Distillery, Mecanctile, Smoke House Pub, and Moors.

Check out his Bio:

Jed Tharnaby has had a love for acoustic guitar since the age of 17 and entertained many years solo and with bands.Jed hales from England and has spent time in the U.S. He loves to incorporate his talent of 12 string guitar, harmonica & various acoustic instruments with a smooth gentle deep voice. Singing/playing in his home recording studio is a favorite past time. Jed plays rhythm and uses many different picking styles as well. The 5 string banjo compliments his bluegrass songs. Jed is new to the mandolin but is up to the challenge of perfecting and incorporating it into his selections
Song selectins include American Country/Bluegrass and folk such as Woody Guthrie,Johnny Cash,Tom Paxton,Bob Dylan and Steve Earle.

British roots come alive with songs from The Beatles and Donovan.

two songs are featured on you-tube ....:
http:/ /

Contact kt Gravois for booking information.

Check out Jed's Video

Dutch Brodie takes home the prize!

Hey have to check this out!

Here is Dutch's performance at the the North America Country Music Association, International competition in Pigeon Forge, TN this last weekend.

Competition Performance

Awards Banquet Performance

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pure Country Ranch & Saloon

Pure Country Ranch & Saloon is owned by GW Waco, and KariAnn Kellman.

Cherry Irelund is the Manager, contact her for more information about current events.

Here is what the group charter says:

A Pure Country (with oldies too) ranch and saloon. Enjoy a line dance, couple dance or steal a kiss from your favorite cowboy or cowgirl in the horse stall.

Owners/DJs GW and Kariann welcome you to a place where friends gather to enjoy good clean fun, with great country/oldies music.

PCS is rapidly becoming a top hangout! See you here soon!!

As of today there are 451 members in the group.

With 14 hosts and 15 DJs there's always something going on at Pure Country.

Here is the Slurl for Pure Country Ranch & Saloon

Saturday, March 13, 2010

HammerFla Magic

HammerFla Magic was singing at Ami's Roadhouse this evening.

Here is what his profile says:

Singer in Second Life.
Contact Ash Davison or myself for Bookings and info.
Keep me in mind....

HammerFla's T.N.T - Check out my Classified.
My IM's are often capped. Please send me a Notecard.

Click here for his current schedule


Check out the lineup today for Aquastar Lounge Danceclub.

Aquastar is owned by Shellie Boucher, here is what her profile says:

I Own the Aquastar Lounge ,the most friendly danceclub, hangout with live concerts and DJ events and the best staff SL has!,Trailerpark with rental homes, and a mall(only for original designers)Want info? IM me! are you a musician who is interested in playing here, check the calendar under the web tab, and contact me.
I design male & female clothing(also maternity)!

And here is what she says about Aquastar:

If you like to dance in a place thats been called home by lots of ppl..then...
This is the place to dance, hang out with friends, drink a coffee or grab a beer. The most fantastic staff and super friendly Regulars!
Feel free to check it out! The best place to be on SL!
Great DJ's and lots of Live Music, and even room for the kids to play!

Here is your slurl to Aquastar Lounge Danceclub

Somewhereintime Jupiter

I caught Somewhereintime Jupiter's show this morning over at Aquastar Lounge Danceclub.

Somewhereintime sing's several different genres. Here is what his profile says:

I am a singer/guitarist. I was born in SL in May 2009 and began my singing career here after carefully learining about streaming from some great singers, club owners, and managers. I am for hire for your Venue, Private Party, or Wedding. I also have been a RL singer for many years and record music.

I sing Ballads, Pop, R& B, Melodic Jazz, Blues, and Country. SL is for relaxing and having fun so I try to make it a pleasant experience for everyone. I hope you will feel me forever in your heart and soul.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dutch and Waylon at Ryman Auditorium

Last night we were over at The Ryman Auditorium for a two hour special.

Waylon Haystack and Whiskey River followed by Dutch Brodie and The County Line that's country at it's finest!