Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bill473 Resident is singing now over at Aftermath II. You can click HERE to teleport on over.

Here's Krisie Snowdrop over at IRON HORSE ISLAND. Gerrome Handrick is back there on the drums. Tomas Etzel has the trumpit and Thrishia Oconnell is on keyboards. Thrishia is her manager and has Krisie's schedule posted on her profile, or you can just click HERE.

Ok, lets get started today over at Sweet Whispers. Savannah Coronet is singing and has a huge crowd as always! You can find out where Savannah is singing next by clicking HERE.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cool, look whos next! I didn't even have to move and here's Savannah Coronet singing right after Hogan.

Ok, back from the holidays and checking out the live music. Right now I'm over at Boom Pony Music Venues listening to Hogan Baily.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hogan Baily is at Club P4 for his show tonight. If you miss any of the show tonight, just click HERE to see where he's singing next.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Savannah Coronet is singing right now over at Key West Resort & Marina. She always does a great show. Better head on over there. Here's the slurl.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Next up for me is Crawdaddy's. Don Galaga is singing right now!

Thumper Kanya is your host over at Crawdaddy's. Come on over and say hey.

I'm getting a late start tonight over at Extasia Beach. Johnny Paramour is singing for the next 45 minutes. You have plenty of time to get over there.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Here's the last singer of the night at the Ryman Auditorium. Potlatch Foggarty is on stage now!

Only two more singers tonight. Here's Todd Rumsford. Better hurry and get over here.

Urban Harvey is up on stage now.

Next up with some Christmas tunes is Kessryll Stormcrow. This is the toys for tots show at Ryman Auditorium.

Ok, here we go. Night Flame is up. Come on down and give a listen. Just click HERE.

Ok yall, head on over to Ryman Auditorium on Nashville's Music Row. Tonight there are several singers lined up for Toys for Tots. I'll have updates as they go. Just click HERE for a LM.

Here's the lineup for tonight.

Bo Hoyes
Night Flame
Storm Crow
Urban Harvey
Todd Rumsford
Potlatch Foggarty

Over at Kickin Club Music & More you will find Tom 2.0 singing. Just a couple songs left, so you better hurry and get over here.

Where's your SL Country?

Ok guys, do you have an event or something you would like to promote about your place? Just drop me a line and I'll try to help out. The goal here is to let everyone know what there is to do when it comes to the Country part of SL. Now, I'm off to see what's out there right now.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dusty Chardon at Wildz Country Music Club

Here's a guy that can sing some good ol fashon Country! It's Dusty Chardon over at Wildz Country Music Club.

Shaye Dezno is singing right now over at Canadian Country Saloon!

Wayne Davis brought the entire band over to Wildcat Country!

Johnny Paramour at Wildcat Country

Ok, it's Saturday night, first stop, Wildcat Country to hear Johnny Paramour. If you like good country music, come catch a Johnny Paramour show!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Here's a singer from north of the river. Justme Carlucci is singing over at Rockin Roost Roadhouse right now. If you enjoy an ALL Acoustic show, catch up with Justme! If you want to know when the next show is, just click HERE.

Earlier today I caught some of Vincent Merricks show over at Smokin' ACE's. Vincent's been at this for a long time now.

Savannah Coronet at Roadhouse Dreams

Ok, one more show tonight. I had to go over and see Savannah Coronet at Roadhouse Dreams.

As you can see, I wasn't the only one there. Like all of her shows, this one was packed. I went for the Country music, but she can sing ANY genre.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Started the day off, might as well finish it off with Bill473 Resident. This time he was over at Roadhouse Dreams.

Next up, Don Galaga over at Last Call. Here's another really good country singer you need to check out.  You can check his calendar HERE.

I got lucky and got one of the few remaining seats for Savannah Coronets show over there at Boom Pony Music Venues. One thing for sure, you get your money's worth at a Savvy show. Oh wait, they are free! Anyway, you wont want to miss one,  you know what I mean. Click HERE for her calendar.

Dang there are a lot of good singers out there tonight. Next up over at Boom Pony Music Venues was Hogan Baily. Ok, so you cant make it to the show tonight? No problem, just click HERE to see when Hogan's next show is.

MrMikie String is singing some great Christmas songs over at Red River Saloon tonight.

And if that wasn't enough, Sienna Thor is your hostess tonight. That's reason enough to head over to Red River Saloon. If you need a slurl to get there, just click HERE.

Golden Spur Saloon  is up an going tonight!

DonnieO Turbo is tossing out some Chirstmas songs. Things look they are going well over at the GOLDEN SPUR SALOON.

Tonight we start off with Don Cabassoun over at Smokin' ACE's. Do you want Don to come do a show at your place?  Just contact chizay Bluebird to book him. If you want to check him out in person first, just click HERE to see where the next show is.

Wow, a duet too. zoe Aries came up to sing with Don. Great Job!

Even with the lights she sounded really good.

From there, over to TEXAS STOCKYARD.

lildeelicious resident is your DJ over at TEXAS STOCKYARD. Grab some lunch and kick back to the tunes. If you miss her set, no problem, check below for her schedule. She DJ's at two different places.

***3-N-1 Club***
Tues 6-8 PM SLT  ROCK
Wed 2-4 PM SLT  ROCK
Thur 6-8 PM SLT  Balloroom
SUN 6-8 PM SLT  Ballroom

 Tues 10 am - Noon  SLT     Country/Southern Rock
 Wed 10 am - Noon  SLT     Country/Southern Rock
 Thur 10 am - Noon SLT     Country/Southern Rock

 Next I headed over to check out BAMA COUNTRY.

Sunnyskies McMahon is spinning the tunes over at BAMA COUNTRY. There's always a big crowd over there. If you need a slurl to check it out, just click HERE.

Started out early today over at Kickin Club and heard some of Bill473 resident's show. Anyone that loves to sing country is ok with me. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Savannah Coronet and Hogan Baily at Southern Nights Country Club

Look at this crowd over at Southern Nights Country Club!

Shoot, no wonder, it's Savannah Coronet AND Hogan Baily!

Johnny Paramour at Nashville's Music Row

Next up I headed over to Nashville's Music Row to hear some of Johhny Paramour's show. Whenever you see he's doing a show, you should get over to hear some of it. Or, better yet, go over and join his Subscribe-O-Matic and you will know where he's singing. For booking info, contact him, Tessa1 Beck, or Pammie Warrior.

Tonight I'm over at Smokin' ACE's listening to Todd Rumsford. He's from the country and likes it that way! Contact him or Rae Hazelnut for booking information.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Check out the outfit Savannah Coronet is wearing tonight. Like always, she sounds great and draws a HUGE crowd! You can find out where she is singing by clicking HERE.

Next up, I went over to Key West Resort  & Marina and listened to Shaye Dezno for a bit. She still sounds great, you should catch a show if you can.

Black Horse Country is going strong as usual. With almost 4000 members, Black Horse group is one of the largest country groups I've seen.

Kenny Bowman is your DJ rignt now over at Black Horse. According to picks in Kenny's profile, here is his DJ schedule.

Mondays. Black Horse Country  8 to 10 pm
 Tuesdays. Black Horse Country  4 to 6 Pm
 Wednesday Black Horse Country 4 to 6 Pm
 Thursday   Silver Moon                  6 to 8
 Friday         Open
 Saturday    Silver Moon.               6 to 8
 Sunday       Silver Dreams             4 to 6

He's spinning some good tunes, come give a listen.

Now here's a guy that likes to have a good time. Bo Hoyes is singing over at Nahsville's Music Row.