Monday, January 31, 2011

Kedryn McMillan at Quasar

Kedryn McMillan was DJing for his 4th Rez day over Quasar tonight. The place was packed for his special day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don Cabassoun at Alafia Country Escape

Right after Angee came Don Cabassoun over to Alafia Country Escape. Get on over here and check his show out!

Angee Seetan at Alafia Country Escape

Here's Angee Seetan with a little help from Arwin Lane on that big bass guitar. They were putting on a great show over at Smoking Aces, which is a part of Alafia Country Escape. You should try to catch a Angee Seetan show sometime. Need a schedule? Just click HERE.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mila Avedon at Grand Ole Opry of SL

Here's Mila Avedon, the owner of the new Grand Old Opry of SL getting things started tonight. Next up is EdHausen MorPork at 6sl.

The Grand Ole Opry of SL

Here's a new place for you to check out. The Grand Ole Opry of SL. With a name like that, you know this is going to be the place to be.
Tonight is the Grand Opening. Here's a little information about the club:


HOWDYYYYYYYYYY!!! We at the OPRY strive to bring quality entertainment for all who love country music, Old Classic or modern. We will have live singers as well as live DJ's.

We are in search of comedians. Is there a Larry the Cable Guy or Minnie Pearl out there somewhere in SL?? We want him/her.

Want to be involved with the Opry in some way?? Shoot me a notecard with listing of your talents.

Want to see something different and fun, send me a notecard of your ideas.

We would love to hear from you. (N/C's only please)

Mila & Greg, Owners

This is an event schedule:


10:00 ~ 12:00pm DJ John Petersen

5:00 ~ 6:00pm UnKnowable Kidd
6:00 ~ 7:00pm EDHausen MorPork


10:00 ~ 12:00pm DJ John Petersen

4:00 ~ 5:00pm Rick Irelund
5:00 ~ 6:00pm NormReynolds Genesis
6:00 ~ 7:00pm Don Galaga


10:00 ~ 12:00pm DJ John Petersen


10:00 ~ 12:00PM DJ John Petersen


Come on down and check out SL's newest country place!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hogan Baily at Rob's Barn Dance

Hogan Baily was doing his thing over at Rob's Barn Dance. Missed it? No problem, just click HERE to see where the next show is.

NormReynolds Genesis at Lost Lovers

Next stop was to hear NormReynolds Genesis over at Lost Lovers Dancing Club and Island. Being from Austin, you know he can put on a good show! For bookings, contact Tigs Sweetwater.

UCanCallMe Dumpling at Dumplings

Next stop was over at Dumpling's Country Music to hear UCanCallMe Dumpling. Contact Dumpling to find out when you can catch a show.

Charndon Kass at Alafia Country Escape

I started out this evening over at Smoking Aces listening to Charndon Kass. She will throw some country at ya. :) To check out Charndon's schedule, just click HERE.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Savannah Coronet at Sherie's Live Music Venue

The final show of the evening found me over at Sherie's Live Musci Venue to hear Savannah Coronet. Her shows are ALWAYS packed for a reason.

Rae Delicioso at Under the Willows

Here's a new sl singer yall need to check out. Rae Delicioso was singing over at Under the Willows. For booking information contact Rae directly. To check out her My Space page, just click HERE.

Savannah Coronet at Alafia Country Escape

Then, to top off the night, everyone's favorite, Savannah Coronet and the savvy gang took the stage. I'm not sure if the sim stayed up for this show. She can crash them with the crowds she brings.

Bo Hoyes

Up next was Bo Hoyes! Just a full lineup of country singers!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don Cabassoun at Alafia Country Escape

Looks like Alafia Country Escape is the place to be for live country music today. Up now is my buddy Don Cabassoun! Come on over and get your country fix!

BGSinger Hermit at Alafia Country Escape

BGSinger Hermit was filling in over at Alafia Country Escape. Here's a little something about BGSinger from his profile:

I really just want to sing! I am a vocalist. God did not bless me with the ability to play an instrument well enough to play AND sing! I am a classically trained singer with more than 10 years of formal training. I use nothing but the BEST tracks I can find and am VERY fussy about what I use. I am a passionate singer and emotionally invest myself in each song I sing!! If you want me for your venue, just IM me. I am VERY taken!

Unknowable Kidd at Helle's Angels Music

Unknowable Kidd was over at Helle's Angels Music & Art club. Need a schedule for the Kidd? Just click HERE.

Molly Serpente at Alafia Country Escape

Molly Serpente is singing now over at Alafia Country Escape! Molly does a great show you will want to check it out.
Here's what her profile says:

I am an SL live singer. In RL, I sing for the Mayors events, city events, and I sing for an advertisement agency doing commercials for radio and TV. I have been to several places and recorded the flip sides to Karaoke CD's for Soundchoice, Star, Chartbusters, DKG, Monster Hits, All Hits, Sunfly, and Sweet Georgia Brown. Also I have been on stage with Martina McBride and sang with her. My goal is to make your heart and soul feel and absorb what comes out of my mouth. Come see! :)

You can hear some songs over at here Trax display. Just click HERE for a slurl.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bo Hoyes at Twilight Live - Music Venue

My buddy Bo Hoyes was singing over at Twilight Live - Music Venue this evening. If you missed this show be sure to click HERE to see where the next one is.

Cheryl Nitely at Golden Spur Saloon

Here's Cheryl Nitely spinning tunes and PinkLilly Lauria your hostess over at Golden Spur Saloon. The contest is best in TATS and there is 200L on the board.

Here is Cheryl's DJ schedule:

Mondays 4-6 p.m. Fogbound Blues -- BLUES
Tuesday 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. - Golden Spur - Country
Fridays 7-9 p.m. Fogbound Blues -- BLUES
Saturdays 4-6 p.m. Golden Spur Saloon - COUNTRY
Sundays 4-6 p.m. Golden Spur Saloon - COUNTRY

Sunday, January 9, 2011

ally Blackheart at Golden Spur Saloon

Here's ally Blackheart and her hostess Tiki Hunniton over at Golden Spur Saloon. The contest right now is come as you are and I'm adding to the board so there is 500L up for grabs!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Carlucci family reunion

Hey yall, just found out about the Carlucci family reunion scheduled for tomorrow. Check below for event information and head over to hear some live music!


The Carlucci Clan, including the fabulous Crooner Carlucci, the effervescent Elvina Carlucci and the jammin' JustMe Carlucci, converge on the Rockin' Roost Roadhouse for a Saturday afternoon of nothing but great live music. From Big Band to Big Jam, the Carlucci Convergence is guaranteed to warm up your wintery Saturday with hip shakin' and toe-tappin'!

Elvina Carlucci 12-1
Justme Carlucci 1-2
Crooner Carlucci 2-3

Bo Hoyes

My buddy Bo Hoyes was putting on a show over at My Wish, did you catch it? If you missed it, just click HERE to see where he's singing next.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's Country night every Thursday night from 6-8pm with DJ Sharcrista Quan at Shiraz! I'm working Security here so come on over and say hey.

Justme Carlucci at Stampede Canyon Country

Justme Carlucci was playing acoustic and singing over at Stampede Canyon Country Live Venue & Mall this evening. To see where he's at next just click HERE.

Savannah Coronet at Red River Saloon

Here's Savannah Coronet again over at Red River Saloon. The Savvy Gang's here to, from Left to Right, Angelica Raleigh, Marleen Bamaisin, and amy34 Twine.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Savannah Coronet at Elegance Ballroom

Savannah Coronet was singing over at Elegance Ballroom late this evening and giving out her new CD! If you were not able to pick one up at the show, just IM her, beg, and who knows? Ya might get one!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Charndon Kass at Smoking Aces

Next up this evening I headed over to Alafia Country Escape to catch a little of Charndon Kass's show. To check Charndon's schedule just click HERE.

For more about Charndon Kass, check out her website

For booking information contact Jade Berry.

Vincent Merricks at Sunset Jazz Club

Vincent Merricks sl or Todd Cody rl was singing over at Sunset Jazz Club this evening. Vincent always puts on a good show. Look him up on the web at

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tristyn Homewood at Smoking Aces

I just caught the last song by Tristyn Homewood over at Alafia Country Escape. If you want to catch a full show, just click HERE to see where he's singing next.

Chandra Deed at Temptation Falls

Chandra Deed was singing over at Temptation Falls. Here's some information about Chandra from her profile:

Hi! I'm Chandra. I was born in the south, but moved to the Windy City of Chicago for more opportunities to entertain, but my heart will always be in the country. I do animal rescue and inspirational/motivational speaking to victims of abuse, which is my passion. I love SL and have met many wonderful people since I have been here. I love singing in SL and hope to see you there!

paradom Ansar at Casablanca

paradom Ansar was keeping the country classics alive over at Casablanca Society Lounge. If you want to catch a show just click HERE to see where paradom is singing next.

To book paradom Ansar for your event, contact Zara Beattie.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dusty1125 Gumbo at Quasar

Ok, right after Becky is Dusty1125 Gumbo spinning the tunes. Pam Gossamer is your host and it looks like you may be able to win yourself a horse if you get on over here soon!

BTW here is when you can catch Dusty DJing:

SUN 12-2 PM, MON - WED 2-4 PM, SAT 2-4 pm
Bohemian Country and Blues.

Becky Ying at Quasar

Becky Ying is your DJ over at Quasar Country Saloon. Catch one of her sets.

Here is her DJ schedule from her profile:

I am a Dj..If you need a dj Send me an Im or notecardI do not like filling out apps!!
I dj at

Qusars Country salon: Sun at 10am till 12.. old retro country

Sweet sisters monday 4 to 6pm wednesday and fridays 4 to 6pm!

The dukes of hazzard saturday 2 to 4 sunday 12 to 2

Look for these great clubs in my picks

Love and light all

Dakota Christensen at Black Horse Country

Dakota Christensen is spinning the tunes at Black Horse Country!

Starting at 10AM and running all day is the bull riding event. Stop by, listen to some country, bite that bull on the ear and hang on!

Cari McLeod at Galaxy

DJ Cari McLeod and host Fyre Raine are working hard over at The Galaxy Dance & Strip Club during the Country Event! 500L on the board right now!

You can catch Cari here every Sunday at 8AM.

Phantazia Serendipity at Golden Spur Saloon

Phantazia Serendipity is your DJ over at Golden Spur Saloon this morning. Contest is Casual Sunday with 300L on the board. Come on over, request a few tunes and start your day out right.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Angee Seetan

Angee Seetan is singing now over at Stampede Canyon Country Live Venue & Mall. Be sure to get over there and hear her!

Bonita Luminos is your hostess and will make sure you get out on the dance floor. :)

If you miss her today, just click HERE to see her next stop.

Justme Carlucci at Guthries Folk Club

Justme Carlucci was up next at Guthries. How can you go wrong listening to an Okie picken the guitar? It's a great way to start out the day. Guthries has a steady stream of live singers daily. Come by and give a listen.

shadez Rhapsody at Guthries Folk Club

shadez Rhapsody singing over at Guthries Folk Club was my first stop of the year. Here's what his profile say:

Musician, Performer, Bass Player, Saxazooist, Song writer. I perform solo or as part of the shadez & Lefty Live duet - see picks for more information.

For Booking information - IM Jamee Sandalwood

ELiz Watanabe

ELiz Watanabe was the headliner at Petersen's Winter Wonderland this evening. That's the home of Rockabillys. More on Rockabillys later.