Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Rapid Randy


Tonight I caught Rapid Randy's show over at Snowy River Saloon. He does a good variety of songs but of course, I lean towards the countryside of SL. He does a great job with some of the classics.

Here is what his BIO says:

    Randy, a singer, from Chattanooga, TN, will sing to your hearts with his numerous years of experience and charm. You will love this down-home country feel while hearing all your favorite covers. He has spent his last 40+ years singing in RL, in church, the Navy Blue Jacket Choir, as well as sitting in with a couple of local bands in Chattanooga, Influenced in his early years by his father, he likes to sing Country, Easy Listening, Southern Rock and Gospel. A must-hear performer, you will be glad you did!   

To see his Calendar just click HERE.            

To check out this venue you can click The Snow River Saloon.   

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