Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don Cabassoun at SolarWinds 7-18-10

My buddy Don Cabassoun did a last minute show over at SolarWind. To keep up with Don, just click HERE.

rainman Avon at Golden Spur Saloon

rainman Avon is your DJ over at Golden Spur Saloon. The contest is best in Chaps and right now there is 500L up for grabs!

Charndon Kass at Whisky River Saloon

Charndon Kass was over at Whisky RIver Saloon doing her thing. If you want some good ol Country Singing just click HERE to check her schedule. Or better yet, click HERE for her website and listen to a few tunes.

Beccca Baxton at Buy Me A Rose Venue And Mall

Becca Baxton was singing at Buy Me A Rose Venue And Mall. Get all the information on Becca right HERE.

mica Breen at Dixie Line Saloon

mica Breen was over at Dixie Line Saloon. Of course Faith and little Raylynne Rae was helping out. :)

Guitar Zane at Key West Resort & Marina

Day or Night, Guitar Zane can play that Guitar! While he plays a varity of music, he will toss a Country tune in now and then. You should check out a show when you get a chance. Contact Kalli Birman for booking information.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Savannah Coronet at Sydney's Live Music

What better way to end the evening then we a show by Savannah Coronet? She was singing over at Sydney's Live Music. Missed the show? No worries, just check her schedule and catch the next one. Be warned, it's probably standing room only!

Don Cabassoun at Freebird's

Don Cabassoun followed up Charndon Kass over at Freebird's. Looks like a full night of entertainment!

EdHausen Morpork at Buy Me A Rose Venue And Mall

I caught some of EdHausen Morpork's show over at Buy Me A Rose Venue And Mall. EdHausen has a unique voice that you will enjoy and remember. He puts on a great show. Check it out. Dont worry, I have his schedule right HERE.


Hey Yall, you need to come check out Freebird's. Just look at the lineup tonight! Freebird's is owned by Ceri Barrymore and Moshe Jun.
Maia Beltran is your host mangager so contact her with any questions when you get there.
Maia, BellaLinda Lefevre, Amanda Souther and robobooy Skytower are there to host the live entertainment. Check it out.

Charndon Kass at Freebirds

Freebirds has a new place and Charndon Kass opened up for them tonight. Speaking of Charndon, be sure to check out this web site! You can keep up with Charndon and listen to her music right there on the site. Contact Jade Berry for more information. And speaking of Freebirds, just click HERE for your new slurl.

Bo Hoyes at Alafia Country Escape

My buddy Bo Hoyes was singing over at Alafia Country Escape. You can click HERE to check Bo's schedule anytime.

Eliz Watanabe at RFL

Eliz Watanabe was singing for RFL this evening. SL Singers like Eliz help raise money to fight cancer. Cure Chasers have live entertainment to help raise money. SL singers donate their talents to help find a cure. It's always a great show for a great cause.

mica Breen at Ami's Roadhouse

mica Breen and family (faith Bade and Raylynne Rae) was over at Ami's Roadhouse. You should stop by over there when you get the chance and maybe take on some western role play after the show. Check mica's schedule HERE.

Merrick Robonaught at Diamonds & Spurs

Merrick Robonaught was singing over at Diamonds and Spurs today. illusion Parks was helping out on Keyboards as usual. Click HERE for Merrick's schedule.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cowboy's Beach Saloon

Cowboy's Beach Saloon. They have live music, DJ's and just plain country fun. Right now, it's come as you are with 1000L on the board for the taking.
Tomorrow you can catch BellaDonna Lemondrop here from 3-4.
Cowboy's Beach Saloon is owned by Cowboy Swansen. The group is called Cowboy's clan and right now there are 170 members. Stop by and join up!

Doodledog Dobbs at Cowboys Beach Saloon

Doodledog Dobbs is your DJ over at Cowboys Beach Saloon. The contest is COME AS YOU ARE adn there are 1000L up for grags. Better hurry and get over here. IF you need a DJ contact Doodledog. He already has these gigs:

Seesides Beach Resort Tue Fri Sat Sun 6-8p
Pure Inspirations Tue Wed Sat Sun 4-6p
KALI4NIA SANDZ Thur 4-6p Sat Sun 2-4p
Cowboys Beach Saloon Mon 6-8p Wed 6-8p
Just The Two Of Us Thur 6-8p

Merrick Robonaught at Southern Country Club

Merrick Robonaught with a little help from illusion Parks and little Raylynne Rae did his show over at Southern Country Club right after Brixton Canning. Just click HERE for Merrick's schedule.

Brixton Canning at Southern Country Club

Brixton Canning was singing over at Southern Country Club. Brixton always puts a lot of energy into his shows. Be sure to catch one soon. Just click HERE to see his schedule.

Golden Spur Saloon

It's crazy hat contest over at Golden Spur! DJ Gingerlynn Moonites is spinning the tunes and there's 433L up for grabs.

molly Serpente at Surfside Hideaway

molly Serpente was over at Surfside Hideaway this afternoon. You can contact molly directly for booking information. And if you want to stop by Trax you can listen to her anytime. Need a slurl for Trax, just click HERE.

Kedryn McMillan at Quasar

Kedryn McMillian was the DJ over at Quasar. Then, Gary Jonstone was on stage for the last time?

Shaye Dezno at Coconut Beach Club and Mall

Caught some of Shaye Dezno's show over at Coconut Beach Saturday. Then headed over to Quasar.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don Cabassoun at Helle's Angels

This afternoon you could catch Don Cabassoun over at Helle's Angels! Where's he singing next? Just click HERE.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lolene Quicksand at Alafia Country Escape

Right after Merrick, Lolene Quicksand took the stage singing old and new country. Be sure to catch a show when you can!

Merrick Robonaught at Alafia Country Escape

Merrick Robonaught was singing over at Alafia Country Escape. His pretty partner illusion Parks was helping out on the keyboards. If you want to know where Merrick is singing next, just click HERE.

Beccca Baxton at Wiseguys Social Club

Next up, I made it over to Wiseguys Social Club to see Beccca Baxton. Check out Beccca's web page HERE.

Contact Trey Bayn or Cherry Charlesworth to book her for a show.

Savannah Coronet At Ami's Roadhouse Saloon

Ok, right after Tristyn, Savannah Coronet took the stage. Ofcourse she had the Savvy gang with her like last time and Rimorbod Albatros on the electric guitar! Be sure to catch a show this weekend. She sings all over the place.

Tristyn Homewood at Ami's Roadhouse Saloon

I started out the weekend with a stop at Ami's Roadhouse Saloon and caught the last part of Tristyn Homewood's show. It's a great way to start the weekend!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tristyn Homewood at Madeleine's

I was over at Madeleine's Jazz & Blues club and caught Tristyn Homewood's show. If you want to check out his future shows, just click HERE.

Poppychic Darcy at Golden Spur Saloon

Poppychic Darcy is your DJ over at Golden Spur Saloon for lunch today. She had a little Buddy Holly playing for the best in ripped contest. Come by and collect some Lindens.
Here is some more about Poppychic:

Always willing to help, so send an im if ya stuck on anything. You will find me djing somewere on sl.

♬ ♩ ♭ ♪ WERE I DJ ♬ ♩ ♭ ♪


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Savannah Coronet at Whiskey Jazz Club

Savannah Coronet was singing late over at The Whiskey Jazz Club. What a great way to end the evening! Click HERE to see where she's at next. Hey, how bout them sexy dancers? Cindi Mulford, Marleen Bamaisin and Serray Elkhart (left to right)

Reggie Fouroux at Cascadia Music Park

Reggie Fouroux was over at Cascadia Music Park tonight. Reggie sings a lot of different Genres.
Check out his BIO:

Reggie's musical tastes are as varied as his musical influences. Country, southern and classic rock, blues, and sappy love songs have shaped his playing and singing style. Reggie admires musical talent regardless of the genre of music.

With a lively mix of music, stories, and humor, his performances are sure to entertain audiences of all musical tastes. Join Reggie as he takes you on a musical roller coaster ride of contemporay and classic tunes ranging from top 40 to country and rock.

See Willow Markova for booking info.

"All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff." - Frank Zappa -

Gingerlynn Moonites at Golden Spur Saloon

Gingerlynn Moonites is your DJ over at Golden Spur Saloon. The contest is best in black and there is 500L on the board! Better get over there and collect some of that prize!

Shaye Dezno at California Gold Rush

Shaye Dezno was doing a RFL show over at California Gold Rush this evening. You can catch her weekly show over at Quasar every Friday at 7pm.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kaycee Drayman and Wannahave Ferraris

Ok, so Kaycee and Wanna dont sing a lot of country, but they are fun anyways! Catch them when you can. :)

Greg Cummings at Golden Spur Saloon

It's best in Patriotic at the Golden Spur Saloon! 200L on the board and DJ Greg Cummings spinning the tunes.


Ok yall, you need to go check out CANYON DIABLO. This is a great place for you newer folks if your looking for adventure and some lindens to boot!
You can spend a lot of time checking out the town, shooting ghosts, riding the bull, or go on the Treasure Quest!. Look out though, be sure to pick up your free guns, ride your free horse and watch for wild animals or even ghost that will come after you.
After all that, teleport up to the hunting area. Again, be careful as these animals know how to defend themselves. :) After you shoot one of them. Click on the carcass and see if there are lindens inside.
Contact native bigbear for more information about this awsome place. Need a slurl to CANYON DIABLO? Just click HERE!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don Cabassoun at Kickin

Don Cabassoun is over at Kickin for a 2pm show. Miss this show? Click HERE to see when the next one is. As you can see, angie Stromfield has finally been locked up. She's lookin for someone to come bail her out. I did give 1L to help out. :)

Country Crossroads

I was over at Country Crossroads this afternoon and they were doing a best in Barley There contest. 500L on the board! Tonight mica Breen will be here from 6-7. You will want to catch that show if you can.
Country Waverider is the owner of Country Crossroads. As of today there are 345 members in the group. With 17 DJs, 15 Hostesses and 4 live singers in the group this place is growing quickly.
Need a Slurl for Country Crossroads? Just click HERE

Cory Beeswing at Dry Gulch USA

DJ Cory Beeswing, over at Dry Gulch USA. He's on the right :) that's his wife Diamonique Viper your staring at on the left.

You can catch Cory DJing 10am to noon on Saturday and Mondays, then again from 12 to 2pm on Wednesdays here at Dry Gulch USA!

Dry Gulch USA

I was over at Dry Gulch USA this afternoon. They had a best in NEKO contest going on. 200L up for grabs. Cory Beeswing was your DJ. You can check todays DJ lineup on the pic above.