Friday, December 23, 2011

Moe Darkfold has a new country venue for you guys to check out.

It's called ***BAMA COUNTRY***

Head over there and give it a look!  Here's your SLURL

Savannah Coronet at Hiram's Four Moons pub

Caught some of Savannah's show over at Hirams this afternoon.

Helping out in the Savvy Gang is Dametria Belwraith, Marlene Bamaisin and Ariradel Bowenford.

Savannah's always performing somewhere. Check out her schedule HERE.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Come on over to Black Horse Country and request a song from Suzzie Halsey, your DJ right now. If you need a DJ or even someone to Marry you off here in SL, give Suzzie an IM.

hanson landar

Southern Outlaw (hanson landar) is your DJ at "Silverado" Texas, USA this afternoon.

Your hostess right now is Montana Rainfall. Come on over, find out what the contest is and request a few songs.

Need a LM for Silverado?   Just click HERE.