Friday, December 31, 2010

Unknowable Kidd at Entree

I caught Unknowable Kidd's show over at Entree this evening. Good ol fashion country music! Contact him and see when he's singing next.

Savannah Coronet at Ami's Roadhouse

Everyone's favorite, Savannah Coronet is singing over at Ami's Roadhouse today. Helping her out is the Savvy Gang, from left to right: Amy34 Acer, Marleen Bamaisin and Ariradel Bowenford.

Brant Gant

Headed over to Dry Gulch USA because my good friend Brant Gant was DJing. You should check out one of his sets!
You can catch Brant here at Dry Gulch USA tuesdays from 6-8pm and then on fridays from 8-10am and 6-8pm.

Deuce Barthelmess at Quasar

If you head on over to Quasar Country Saloon you can hear some great tunes spun by Deuce Barthelmess. Here he is with your hostess Destiny Agrawal during the latest contest, Best In Formal. There's 500L on the board so get on over there!

You can catch Deuce here at Quasar every Friday at 1pm and Saturdays at 6pm. Contact his lovely partner Destiny for a group tag so you can see if he's DJing at other places.

Shaye Dezno

Shaye Dezno was singing over at Last Call this afternoon. Last chance to catch her this year so hurry on over there!

shooter Pexie

Next up was Golden Spur Saloon where your DJ is shooter Pexie and your hostess is WildMama Resident.

You can usually catch shooter DJing here at the Golden Spur Saloon weekdays between 8-10am.

If you come over right now, the contest is Best In Shorts with 200L on the board.

DK Kamala-Petersen

I started out today over at Black Horse Country. Your DJ this morning is DK Kamala-Petersen. The tunes are great at Black Horse, come on down and request your favorite song!