Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

Savannah Coronet at Ami's

Savannah's one show tonight was over at Ami's. Another great performance from one of the best in SL. :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carmel Daines at Crabby Creek

Back to Back great shows at Crabby Creek......up next was Carmel Daines!

Find her schedule here.

Savannah Coronet at Crabby Creek

Savannah Coronet was singing over at Crabby Creek.

Click here for her current schedule.

Katia Keres

Katia Keres was singing over at Tiatopia Island.

Here is what her profile says:

Send me a NC for bookings or questions, messages get capped.
I am a singer .
My time is limited but I love singing in SL and sharing my passion for music with this virtual world.
Perform songs in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French.
Google me KATIA KERES for more info or visit my official website (under renovation at this moment) at
CD and MP3 available for purchase on all major stores Itunes, Amazon etc..
For calendar, check the WEB tab.

She sings all types of genres...come check out a show!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tootsies Western Lounge

Tootsies Western Lounge...a brand new club opening up this month.

The Club is owned by Dolphin Mefusula and shad Lecker.

Although it's only been open a short time there are already 100 members in the group.

Here's what the group charter says:

Wow Isn't It About Time To Enjoy Another Country Western Bar...Well Heres A Chance My New Club Tootsies Western Lounge .where all your country tunes are played right here so come and party with me!!!

I Created Tootsies Lounge Cause I Wanted To KeepAll The Country Legends Alive..We Have Pictures Of Loretta Lynn,Patsy Cline,Dolly Parton, etc.. hanging up in club.. So If You Like The Oldcountry And New Country Drop By DON'T FORGET TO JOIN GROUP!!! YOU KNOW WHATS GOING ON IN EVENTS..THANKS DOLPHIN MEFUSULA

Here's your slurl for Tooties Western Lounge

Patsy Petrov

Patsy Petrov was singing all the Patsy Cline songs over at one of the newer country places in SL called Tootsie's Western Lounge.

Here's what Patsy's group charter says:

Howdie Ya'll!

Yeah, I guess they call me SL's Patsy Cline.... but I give all the credit to my brother's fancy equipment.... that is why I sound good! hehe!

Ya' mighta' heard that I am back... and I AM! Yep! Even got myself a NEW BOOKIN' AGENT! Yeah! Contact CORINA CANNING for bookings!

Sponsored by Paul Ge at Mainland Music
Thanks Paul! You're the Greatest!

As of today there are 51 members in the group. Come join up and catch a Patsy show!

Savannah Coronet at Apheca Show Stage

Savannah was over at Apheca doing her thing. She packs the place wherever she goes. Dont miss a show!

Larry Lowenhar

Stopped by over at Fiddlers today and Larry Lowenhar was DJing.

Here's what his profile says:

here to have fun. .. NO DRAMA......
SL has a lot to offer and there is no reason why
we can't all enjoy it together..
IM me and lets chat.. i dont bite.. hard lol

Come by and catch a show:

WED 230-430 PM SLT
FRI 230-430 PM SLT
SAT 1130-130 AM SLT
SUN 1130-130 AM SLT

Dutch Brodie at Freebirds

Last night we finished up over at Freebirds. Here's Dutch singing and a view from the stage at the great crowd!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The BackPorch

The BackPorch has Live Music all day!

Here is the Group Information:

The BackPorch, a place for everyone to come and have fun. Featuring live Artists Monday thru Saturday whose genre's include Country, Southern Rock , Classic Rock, Soft Rock,Oldies, Blues, Folk . A weekly schedule is available from the Backporch sign under the picture board. A relaxing and friendly atmosphere will greet you when you come to our shows. Should you choose not to dance please feel free to relax at our bar or on our comfy couches. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Marc Thiebaud is the owner of The BackPorch. At this time there are 307 members in the group including 46 live singers.

Here is your slurl for The BackPorch

8 Seconds Club Rodeo & Mall

Next stop was 8 Seconds Club Rodeo & Mall. 8 Seconds has a group you can join.

The owners are: Aryana Swords and Ox Vhargon

Currently there are 277 members in the group.

Here's what the group charter says:

Cowboy Up!! Can you handle 8 Seconds Country Western Club with a Twist of Southern Rock with line dancing Rodeo Bart bullriding events horseback riding Bronc Riding Steer Wrestling barrel Racing DJs themed events Sploders Trivia Photo Contest Live Singers Shopping in Mall offers BIKER wear COUNTRY western wear

Here is your slurl for 8 Seconds Club Rodeo & Mall

Contact one of the Owners for current schedules, come down and check out 8 Seconds!

Lynn Wylder

Lynn Wylder was DJing over at 8 Seconds Club # Mall.

Here's what her profile says:

PART OWNER/MANAGER/DJ OF WOLFE'S LAIR CLUB--located on the Wolfe's Pond Role Play SIM. Tigergirl, I love you! :D
DJ@8 Seconds
I've met some fantastic people here! My special friends know who they are! I'm lucky to know ya! :D Thanks for being YOU!
Just a down home gal here to have fun! I'm harmless.....really.......:P Feel free to IM me! Totally intrigued by the 'smitten', laugh, live for the moment...keep bringing the sunshine.....

You can catch her DJing here at 8 Seconds mon-fri from 6am - 8am

annemarie Rhiadra

Started today out over at Black Horse Country. SL's most popular Country Club.

DJ annemarie Rhiadra had the place hoppin!

Check out annemarie's profile:

SL DJ takes booking or can fill in whatever, plays any genre of music, have my own stream, also takes requests . I have a DJ group also just im me if ya wanta join. IM me if you have any questions or wanta make a booking. :o)
DJ at Blackhorse country........Below the belt blues........ Road Horse ..Trails End...cont.

Click here to keep up with her on myspace.

Here is a current schedule:

mon - black horse country-10-12

tues - road house bikers club-8-10 (rock)
tues - black horse country-10-12

wed - black horse country-12-2
wed - road house bikers club-10-12(rock)

thurs - black horse country-6-8
thurs - road house bikers club-10-12(rock)

fri - black horse country-10-12

sat - black horse country-11-1
sat - Trails End-6-8
sat - road house bikers club-10-12 (rock)

sun - Trails End-4-6
sun - road house bikers club-8-10 (rock)
sun - black horse country-10-12

Dutch Brodie at Sky Barn

We ended up over at the Sky Barn playing for Dutch Brodie. In the pic, Dutch, Joanne Romano, Myself and on drums Ashton Xeltentat.

Dutch is in a rl singing contest in TN and wanted to try out a few songs for us. Another great day and night of country music!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Creative Difference

Ok...over at Dumplings where DJ Creative Difference is doing his thing. Country and a bit of Rock mixed in.

Here's what his profile says:

1♫♫ Creatively Mixed Music ♫♫
DJ for Hire.. Drop me IM or a Notecard
See Picks for more Info Weddings, Parties, Music, Club
Mon 6-8 Almost Heaven

Tues- Thurs 2-4 SLT Hott N Wildd
Want to have a good time with some friends and great Music.. Join my Group and come to where Im playing
Drop me a Notecard if interested in hiring me

If your looking for a DJ...give him a holler!

Dougie Moonites at Rovers Return Inn

Just caught the end of Dougie Moonites show over at Rovers Return Inn. Lot of great country music out there tonight!

Angee Seetan at Robstock 2010

Next stop was over at Robs Rock Island to see Angee Seetan at Robstock 2010!

This is an event for Doctors without Borders! Come and support the cause.

Southern Country Club

Speaking of Southern Country Club, let me tell you a little about the place.

The club is owned by SilverWulf Dryke, Rocky Hillburton, Shannon Dubratt, Faith Bade and mica Breen.

As of today there are 454 members in the group.

Here is what the group charter says:


This is a great Live Music Venue....come check out Southern Country Club

It's the HUGGINEST CLUB in sl!!! Just try to get in there without a hug!

Lorene Quicksand at Southern Country Club

Next stop was over at Southern Country Club to see Lolene Quicksand.

Here's a current schedule from her profile.

Regular Bookings at SL:
Starstruck, Monday, at 4 pm
Paradise Dreamz, Tuesday at 5 pm
Eons Ballroom: Wednesday 4 pm
Palazzo Celestiale, Thursday 4 pm
Southern Country, Fridays at 3 pm
Falling Waters: Fridays at 5 pm
Xi City Casino; Saturdays at 2 pm
Zhora Falls, Sundays at 1 pm
Saralis Village: Sundays at 3 pm

Special Bookings:
Pannies', Thursday, Feb 18, 6 pm slt
Sophialan, Saturday, March 13, 5 pm

all times slt

Merrick Robonaught

Starting out Friday over at Limburg Live Venue to see my friend Merrick Robonaught. First show I've seen in awhile. He sings different genre's but will throw some country at you as well. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carmel Daines

Caught Carmel Daines show over at Sanity Island earlier today and saw she had another show this evening.

Check out what her profile says below:

Carmel Daines' original music blends classic rock, country rock, folk and americana.

Her writing influences include Jim Croce, David Gates, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Her singing influences include Doris Day, Bing Crosy, Tom Petty and the Eagles. Her singing style and voice have been compared to Eva Cassidy, Nanci Griffith, Emmylou Harris and Natalie Merchant.

For booking info, please contact Pablo Blauvelt or request an info packet.

She sings different genres, including country.

Check out a show when you can.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tobykip Lionheart at Southern Country Club

Then as if that wasn't enough, I headed over to Southern Country Club and caught some of tobykip Lionheart's show.

Check out all these singers and great Live music Venues!

Savannah Coronet at BS

Then checked out Savannah Coronet at BS... Bring a Friend and stay Awhile!

Dougie Moonites at The Nightwish Beach

Started out tonight over at The Nightwish Beach and saw Dougie Moonites!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gary Jonstone and friends at Quasar

I caught Gary Jonstone's show over at Quasar today. Shaye Dezno was there along with my old friends Pike Haystack and Chopper Wind. Part of the original County Land Band.

Great show as always. You will want to hear him sing every chance you get as he is one of the best in SL.

RB Hamelin

Ok, today RB Hamelin was at Peir's Paradise.

This is his BIO:

RB was born and raised in Savannah, GA. He started playing guitar when he was 16 and like like most kids that age he started playing for one thing and one thing only...... to pick up girls.

Well when he found out they were always hooked up with someone else long before he got off the stage. He decide to concentrate on the music then a magical thing happen .

He fell in love.

With the music.
From then own he played only for the music.

Then a funny thing happened the girls started to stick around till he got off the stage.
I guess girls like music, don't care about you until they know how much you care about them.
could be a song there somewhere i call dibs on that one.

Anyway then the boy hit the road.

He has played all over the southeast from Savannah's original Night Flight Cafe to the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville.

But no matter where his travels took him it was always his writing that keep him going.

You see he started writing music when I was 16. in fact the first song he learned to play, was one that he wrote himself after learning just three chords (C D G) on the guitar.
It's the writing that still burns deep in his heart and still warms and feeds his soul.

Just a friend of RB Hamelin

Contact Info:
Manager Raven Bechir

Contact his Manager for booking info.

Waylon Haystack & Whiskey River at Quasar

Of course we were doing our thing over at Quasar last night. Bambi joined in for some duets and it was a great show! The band finished up over at Freebirds with Dutch Brodie......another great night of country music!

Hit me up inworld and I'll be sure to add you to our group!

UCanCallMe Dumpling

But yesterday I actually started out over at Dumplings.

UCanCallMe Dumpling was filling in nicely for Rosa's DJ hour. Saturday mornings you should check out Dumplings!

Here is what Dumpling's profile says:

You can call me Dumpling!
I own a great country music dance club. check it out! If you like Country you will love Dumpling's.
I make custom tour buses for SL performers. IM me to see a demo.
I also have some great western attire and rustic furniture for sale in the surronding old west town.

It always a great way to start out a Saturday.

Keith Madsen

Yesterday over at The Drunken Drow I caught Keith Madsen's show.

I'll call him the Singing English Cowboy :)

Check out this you tube video, I'm sure you will like it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Texas Stampede

Texas Stampede is owned by Rebel Indigo. Here's what the group charter says:

Texas Stampede, one of the hottest country bars in SL, promises to be “the most fun you can have with your boots on.”Featuring the best country music, sexy dancers and a live DJ! Come join the fun! Events are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5 – 7pm slt.

As of today there are 272 members in the group.

Come by and join up! Here is your slurl for Texas Stampede

Karen illyar

Karen illyar was singing over at Texas Stampede today. Contact her or her manager, Brandie Dawner. Both are easy on the eyes and nice to visit with!

Here's her current schedule:

Karen Illyar is passionate about singing. In addition to singing in choirs, she has performed various vocal styles in local symphony chorales and performed with the pops choir. Karen's genres include Jazz, pop, country, and romantic love songs.

Weekly shows:

Texas Stampede weekly
3 pm slt on Mon. (190, 160, 21)

Backporch Classic Seaside Estate (219,235,22) weekly
3 pm slt on Wed.

Smooth Jazz Club weekly
3 pm slt on Thurs.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shaye Dezno

Shaye Dezno was over at Ami's Roadhouse today. I remember Shaye when she first started singing, and I could tell she was gonna be really good. The crowds just keep getting bigger at her shows. Be sure to check her out!

Vincent Merricks

Vincent Merricks was over at Circe's Memphis this afternoon. With this artist you get the best of both worlds. Originals and Covers.

Here is what his profile says:

My real name is Todd Cody. I'm a singer/songwriter. and play original songs as well as traditional and contemporary country covers. IM me for booking info.
For my schedule, see:
My main website:
MySpace: or

This popular contemporary country songwriter and musician with the velvet voice will be at Laurel Arts Isle's Sunday Concerts in the Park today. From his touching originals to the covers on which he puts his special twist, this man is a sure crowd pleaser. He's added some backing tracks for some of his covers, including some Dire Straits and Muddy Waters tunes. The guitar and voice are live on those.

As you can see, it's easy to find out more about him. Check him out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don Cabassoun

Don Cabassoun is back! Saw him down at Kickin Club!

Just IM him and find out what's up with his schedule. :)

Ami's Roadhouse

Ami's Roadhouse is located in Amiville Colorado Territory.

For some great live country music you need to head over there.

Check out this lineup!


Friday : Tristyn Homewood 3 pm slt
Savannah Coronet 4 pm slt

Saturday :
Garth Lannock 2 pm slt
Mica Breen 4 pm slt
Gary Jonstone 6 pm slt

sunday :
Shaye Dezno 5 pm slt

Here is your slurl for Amiville, Colorado 1860's

Waylon Haystack & Whiskey River at CHIMAYO GARDENS

Last night we were over at Chimayo Gardens. Waylon was doing a great job and then Dutch Brodie and JenniferLee Beaumont came over and helped close out the show!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Savannah Coronet

Tonight Savannah was at Amiville, Colorado 1860's. More on the venue to come!

She's all over the place.....check her profile for calendar dates!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dutch Brodie

Hey if you guys were not over at the SKY BARN tonight at 7sl you missed a great show!

Dutch Brodie was back and singing up a storm! Waylon Haystack showed up for a couple of duets.

WIldman Pike Haystack was there tearing up the guitar and JenniferLee was on fiddle.

Ashton Xeltentat on drums and yours truly on pedal steel, makes up The County Line Band.

One of the original SL Country Bands. Let me know if you want to join Brodies Roadies. I'll fix ya up.

If you see a notice go out for Dutch Brodie.....get on down there, because there is no telling what's gonna happen at that show!

Savannah Coronet

Everyone's Favorite, Savannah Coronet was singing at Lauren's Place tonight. She is booked up, so catch a show when you can!

Check her schedule here

Brixton Canning

Brixton Canning was singing over at Diamonds and Spurs 5SL time.

Want to know when Brixton is singing.....just click here

He's currently booking shows or appearances for send him an IM.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sydney's Live Music

Sydney's Live Music:

A live music venue celebrating SL music and the many awesome musicians here. A place to relax with friends, suberb entertained and just have a great time!

For bookings, please contact Syd Baddingham, Chlorice Renfort or Rae Hazelnut.

Come check out this nice venue. As of today there are 158 members in this group!

Here is your slurl for Sydney's Live Music