Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Savannah Rain

Ok yall be sure to catch a Savannah Rain show when you can. Right now she's singing over at ROADHOUSE DREAMS so you can click right HERE and get on over there.

If you want to catch a show but cant make it tonight just click right HERE for her schedule.

If you want to know more about Savannah here's what her bio says:

Growing up in church and a small town where music was everything, Savannah began a deep love of all kinds of music. She spent her teenage years traveling all over the southeast singing at churches, bars, weddings, parties and the occasional funeral. She entered college at the age of 17 with a vocal scholarship. Though Savannah studied the classics that is not where she found her voice. She has always felt rooted in classic country and southern rock, and never discount the influence of a soulfully sung ballad. Savannah is now venturing into this new venue to rediscover her first love.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Is there a better SL live country event then BANDANNAH?

Savannah Coronet and Bandit Eddingham together on stage putting on a great country show!

Catch one when you can.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Todd Rumsford at The Stage

Come on over the Nashville Music Row and The STAGE. Todd Rumsford is putting on a great show! If you need a LM just click HERE.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hogan Baily 9-24-15

Hogan Baily is over at Acoustic Cave doing one of his classic shows. The Hi-Steppers are there too so you will want to get on over there. Just click HERE for a ride.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Justme Carlucci at Rockin Roost Roadhouse

Hey look who's over at Rockin Roost Roadhouse! It's Justme Carlucci. If you like a variety of music, catch one of his shows. If his schedule is up to date you can check it right HERE.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hogan Baily

Hogan Baily must be trying for singer of the year with his performance tonight at Saint's & Sinners. He's tossing everything from Rock to Country out over there. You still have half a show if you head over there right now. Just click HERE for a free ride.

Savannah Coronet at Red River Saloon

Then over at Red River Saloon here's Savannah Coronet with the Hell on Heels dancers. There's plenty of live music out there tonight.

To find out when Savannah is singing again, just click HERE.

To get the the Red River Saloon, click HERE.

Todd Rumsford at The Stage at Nashville's Music Row

The Stage at Nashville was going strong with Todd Rumsford leading the way. Come catch a show when you can!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Savannah Coronet at Nashville Music Park

I was lucky enough to catch a little bit of Savannah Coronet doing her Patsy Cline Tribute show tonight. There's very little time left now but you can catch her Patsy Cline Tribute show from time to time. Click HERE for her schedule.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gary Jonstone

Gary Jonstone is singing right now over at Acoustic Cove. Click HERE to get on over there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Luke Auster at Rockin Roost Roadhouse

Next up was Luke Auster was singing at the Rockin Roost Roadhouse. He had the full band this time. Brandon, Jana and Desiree were all there.

Todd Rumsford at Seaside Lounge

Look who's up over at SEASIDE LOUNGE tonight. It's none other then Todd Rumsford singing your favorite songs. You can request one or just sit back and enjoy the tunes as they come. Click right HERE for a straight shot to the show.

If you cant make it right now, just click HERE to view his schedule.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

NormReynolds Genesis

Next up is NormReynolds Genesis. He brought the band! Just starting so click HERE to come on over.


Are you catching Luke Auster's show over at ROADHOUSE DREAMS right now? If not, click here to pop on over.

If you cant make it right now. Just click HERE to see when his next show is.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SingerGirl is mixing it up over at Nashville's Music Park. She can sing several different genre's so come over and request a song from her song list of about 300 songs. You can find her calendar and other information on her webpage by clicking HERE.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Luke Auster is putting the finishing touches on another great show over at Wildcat Country. As you can see, Trilsae is his host tonight and will say hello to you as you come in. Jump on over here by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Yall missed a great show over at The Pier. Todd Rumsford was over there and did he great show as always. You can check out Todd's schedule right HERE.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Luke Auster at Pink Duck's Emporium

Luke Auster is over at Pink Duck's Emporium looking for your request. Come on by and request anything in his song list and he will sing it for you. Luke's shows are like the kind you remember listening to with friends around the fire. Kick back and enjoy the show or sing along. It's ok, nobody can hear you anyway :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Savannah Coronet at Santo Blues Club

Here's Savannah Coronet at Santo Blues Club. She has her regular backups Ari, Adam and Dametria. Savannah always has a packed house but there might be a little room for you if your wanting to get over here. I'll save you some time, just click HERE.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Todd Rumsford alwasys does a great show. Today he was over at Kickin doing his thing. I got there late but you can bet I'll make the next show.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Shaye Dezno at Coconut Beach

Shaye Dezno! If you want to check out a packed house and a great voice come on over to Coconut Beach and listen to Shaye. Just click HERE to get there.

Johnny Paramour has a big crowd right now over at Whispering W Ranch. Just click HERE for a ride over there.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gary Jonstone is over at Acoustic Cave. Click HERE to hop on over there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

SingerGirl Mode is doing her thing over Tootsies Orchid Lounge on Nashville's Music Row. The gang is all here so you might as well come on over. Just click here for a free ride.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nashville NEWS

    ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖ ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖
                                                      NASHVILLE NEWS
                                                        January 2014
     ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖ ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖
A2Z SingSmart Training is now at Nashville Music  Academy !!!  SingerGirl Mode is now holding classes every Monday 4:30pm-5:30pm slt


The A2Z Smart Music Academy is a multi-faceted, interactive, online experience for anyone that wishes to improve their singing voice.

Even with the interactive nature of our online campus, we couldn't stop there. We desired an even MORE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Our purpose is to offer a unique experience for singers all around the world here in SecondLife.

Inside the A2Z Smart Music Academy you will find everything you need to learn all the details of singing well. Including detailed lessons, exercises with instructions, real song practice and even performance practice in front of your peers.  

 ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖ ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖        
                                                        Weekly Shows

    StarDust - Manu Aurell @ 12 Noon
                    SingerGirl @ 1pm
    Tootsie's - Kevin Thomas @ 1pm
    The Stage - Chief Blaisdale @ 4pm
                       Singergirl @ 5pm
                       RedHawk @ 6pm
    A2Z Music Academy - Master Class @ 4:30pm
    The Stage -  Todd Rumsford @ 5pm
                        Bobby Roxley @ 6pm
                        KokoIncognito @ 7pm
    Tootsie's - Belinda Portland @ 3pm
                    Premium Composer @ 4pm
                    Singergirl @ 5pm
    Bluebird Cafe - RedHark @ 7pm

    Nashville Music Park - TBA @ 5pm

    Tootsie's - Bobby Roxley @ 2pm
                     Hogan Baily @ 3pm
    Bluebird Cafe - Jamie Jordan @ 3:30pm
                            RedHawk & Chuck @ 4:00pm
    Nashville Music Park - TBA @ 6pm

    Cruisers - RedHawk @ 12 Noon
                    RedHawk @ Singergirl @ 1pm

❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖ ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖

  Febrauary 14th we have an awesome 3 hour event planned in Nashville Music Park
  5pm SingerGirl Mode
  6pm Savannah Coronet with Patsy Cline Tribute Show the 50th in SL !!
  7pm TBA
❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖ ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖
    Country celebrity birthdays for the month of January include Elvis Presley on the 8th( he would have been 80!) ,  Naomi Judd on the 11th, Trace Adkins on the 13th, and Dolly Parton on the 19th.

❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖ ❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖♬❖

Next up is Tristyn Homewood over at Seaside Lounge. Tristyn can sing just about any Genre and will certainly toss some country music at you. Tristyn has FalonDeSojourn, Trixee, and Kardoula backing him up tonight.

The SEASIDE LOUNGE is one of SL's fine live music venues. You should try to make it over there to check out a show. You can get there by clicking HERE.  Susan Hereter is your host for this event.

SingerGirl Mode is getting more popular every day. Tonight I'm over at The Stage at Nashville's Music Row. See below for more information about The Stage.

Or why not come over and check it out yourself. Just click right HERE.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gary Jonstone at Coconut Beach Club

Gary Jonstone has his show going on over at Coconut Beach Club. You can click HERE and TRY to get in. This guy brings a crowd when he puts on a show!

Just look at all the folks already here!

Today I'm over at The Crown & Moose. SingerGirl is putting on her usual great show and looks like she brought the crowd in. Also backing her up there dancing the night away it looks like we have LilMiss54, Moonshadow, Hunter, Zenith, squeekcat and Sammy.

There's still another half of the show so just click HERE and you can get a ride over.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Johnny Paramour at Music Machine Live

Here's Johnny Paramour over at Music Machine Live. The GoGo girls Angie, Nai and Chayla are there as well looking good as always. If your looking for a great way to start your evening just click HERE to come on over.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Savannah Coronet at Acoustic Cave

Ok I'm at my first Savannah Coronet show of the year and it's just like always. PACKED. You guys have to get over to her show if you haven't been. From the look of the crowds you probably already come to them. :)

I know you dont see the dancers behind her in this shot. It was so packed not all of their outfits came in so I had to remove them for the picture. But, they are better looking in person anyway. Come see for yourself. The Hell on Heels Dancers for Savannah are Dametria Weisser, Starlight Bouvier and Miyushu Babii.

If you want to know when the next show is, just click HERE.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hogan Baily had the joint rocking over at ROADHOUSE DREAMS! You really need to catch one of Hogan's shows if you haven't. You can find his schedule right HERE.

SingerGirl Mode at The Stage on Nashville's Music Row

Tonight SingerGirl Mode is singing at The Stage on Nashville's Music Row. Look below for more information about The Stage! If you cant make tonight's show, dont worry, you can click HERE for her calendar and more information about this artist.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finishing off the night over at Black Horse Country. DJ Hustla will play your favorite song, just let him know what you want to hear. DJ Husla is there at Black Horse every Monday and Saturday from 8-10 pm.

Black Horse Country is packed any time of the day or night. They must do something right over there. Want to see what it is?  Just click HERE.


Over at BAMA COUNTRY now where Marty Gearhead is spinning the tunes. 

You will have to ask him what he's wearing on his head :)

Sugar is your hostess and will toss you out a group tag when you come in. So to get there, just click HERE.

Silverado Saloon

Spence Rau is DJing over at Silverado Salloon's Grand Re-Opening right now.  That's Christeen doing the hostessing.

Check out that crowd! If you dont want to be left out, just click right HERE for a teleport.

Pure Country Saloon

Stopped off over at Pure Country Saloon where GW Waco was spinning some great country hits and taking request from all comers.

Now if you come over to hear the rest of his set, better get on in there quickly or the hostess Jeanie Woodrunner will come right out to the landing spot and get ya.  :)

She's the one on the right :)  If you need a Teleport over there just click HERE.

The Stage at Nashville's Music Row

The Stage at Nashville's Music Row is one of secondlife's live music venues. Even if nobody is doing a show you should come check out this location. Grab some free t-shirts from that red box in front of Hank.

You will always find Hank Williams Sr on stage doing his thing.

Waylon Jennings is outside the stage playing for tips!

Tanya Tucker and James Dean will meet you there.

As you can see there's plenty of dance spots for everyone to enjoy the show.

The owners, ImmYour Destiny and Bo Hoyes created a replica of the real thing in Nashville.

You can check out this location and many others here at Nashville's Music Row. Click right HERE and get a free ride there.

Now, just to show you what a great job ImmYour Destiny and Bo Hoyes did putting this Sim together, I'll show you some pics of the real Stage at Nashville. And if you want to check it out for yourself just click HERE