Saturday, July 19, 2014

Savannah Coronet was doing her thing over at Wildcat Country. Come see one of the most popular singers in sl. If you miss this show, just click HERE for her schedule.

Friday, July 18, 2014

When you talk about SL singers, and someone ask, "Hey, who's the best singer in sl?". That's a question I get asked a lot. There are a lot of performers out there and some fine people. But if someone ask me, who should I go hear? I usually start out saying, catch a Gary Jonstone show. He's probably one of the best out there. Every time I go to a show it's really crowded and it's hard to get a picture because it takes so long to rez. Well tonight I was able to get one so here it is :)

Tonight he's over at Vegas Nights Live Music. Catch one of his shows and join his group so you can keep up with where he's at.

Oh, and he is partnered to Shaye Dezno. One of the best singers in her own right. A lot of times their shows are back to back so you get a great 2 hours. Check them both out.

Hey Yall, check out this new club. Shit Kickers Club. Live entertainment and great DJs will make you want to come back time after time. Tomorrow 7-19-14 DJ Wolf King will be here from 6-8. Come on over and make him feel at home. If you dont have a LM, just click HERE to get there.

Here's Ricardo Avalira singing over at Shit Kickers Club tonight. Catch a show if you can. You can see his calendar HERE.