Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The Whiskey River Saloon is owned by Zy Miklos and ladybug Moonites.
The group has 278 member as of today. Come on over and see where you fit in :)
The charter says:

Whiskey River Saloon Trademark, Located in the Sim of Oort, We are hiring DJ's, hosts and Security.. if you're interested please im Zy Miklos or me Ladybug Moonites and get an application.

bobby Longspring

bobby Longspring was singing over at Whisky River Saloon.
bobby's Profile says:

I started singing at the age of 11 in church, from then on I sang in shows from the age of 21. I have been singing in my home town under the gazebo. I like to sing a variety of country from oldies to new moderen country!
IF you would like to book me please get in contact with Kaleena Honi

You can check bobby's schedule HERE

Ryde Whitman at Dumplings

Ryde Whitman was your DJ over at Dumplings tonight. Ryde is here Wed 5-6pm, Thur 4-5pm and Sat 5-7pm. Come by and say hey.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rainman Avon

Your DJ tonight at Golden Spur Saloon is rainman Avon. The contest tonight is BEST IN RED. 300L up for grabs!

coloradocowboy Manen

DJ's of all DJ's coloradocowboy Manen, or CC as he is known by most, was doing his thing at his place...... Quasar Country Saloon.
Treat yourself to some great country music, stop by when you get a chance. Need a slurl? No problem just click HERE

Senobia Xegna

Senobia Xegna was DJing over at Dry Gulch USA tonight.
Catch her over at Dry Gulch the following days:

Sundays 2p-4p
Mondays 8p-10p
Tuesdays 8p-10p

Send her an IM and join her group Senotopia

Vincent Merricks

Started off this evening over at Sunset Jazz Club to catch Vincent Merricks show. Vincent does Jazz along with Country, Blues, oldies and rock.
His real name is Todd Cody and you can find out more about him at

Monday, June 28, 2010

excidium Stonewall at Black Horse Country

Who's that DJing over at Black Horse Country tonight? Ah, it's the owner himself, excidium Stonewall! Ofcourse Mackenzie's not far away. :)
Head over to Black Horse Country!

Pepper Curie

This is DJ Pepper over at the Lighthouse Island Event.
Her BIO reads:

DJ Pepper

I have been in SL since 2004, with 6 years of DJ experience in-world with radio stations and independently at various clubs in SL. Music range is from all genre's and specialty favorites is Country Western, Classic Rock, Oldies, and 80's. My DJ business here is presently working at Silver Dollar which is SL's original and oldest Country Western Saloon...along with Lighthouse Island, which offers excellent LIVE entertainment. I am also a minister and have been for the 6 years here in which I perform wedding ceremonies, adoption ceremonies and memorials. My RL experience (since 1991) of being a DJ has brought to SL perfection in DJ services to all different events and parties. As my motto is "Music is the heart of the soul" and want to bring that to you to enjoy...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

ELiz Watanabe at Cascadia Music Park

I caught ELiz Watanabe's show this afternoon over at Cascadia Music Park. Being a Texas girl she cant help but throw out a little country now and then. :) Here's what her BIO says:

This gem wandered into Second Life from Texas, where she nurtured her singing and piano playing for most of her first life, in the process earning many awards for her talent. Eliz has been performing in second life for two years now and loving every minute of it. ELiz loves all kinds of music and loves to sing country, pop, jazz and lots of love songs and even a blues number or two along with some broadway tunes mixed in. Jaws drop and romance begins when this lady sings. Eliz is what happens when talent and class dance together!

You can also see where she's at next by clicking HERE

Go by her show and click the Join my Group sign. Then you can follow here around. :)

Savannah Coronet at Apheca Show Stage

Savannah Coronet was over at Apheca Show Stage today. As I saw Adam say "Country Done Right... Savvy Style!

mica Breen at Dixie Line

mica Breen, Faith Bade and Raylynne Rae, a family affair over at Dixie Line today!

Savannah Coronet

Savannah Coronet did a Patsy Cline tribute tonight over at The Whiskey Jazz Club. As always it was standing room only for SL's favorite singer! Check out the crowd!
Thanks to Ashton Xeltentat for the pics.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bo Hoyes at Alafia Country Escape

My buddy Bo Hoyes was singing over at Smoking Aces this evening. Bo has a unique voice and is a great entertainer. Be sure to catch a show if you can!

Charndon Kass at Freebirds

Charndon Kass was singing over at Freebird's Dance Barn & Shopping. They always have a lot of live entertainment over there. Charndon throws that good old time Country at ya. :)

Don Cabassoun at Le Chiantelle Live Music

Don Cabassoun was over at Le Chiantelle Live Music & Ballroom. Look for him, he's everywhere these days!

Peachie Hold at Quasar

I lucked out and caught Peachie Hold DJing over at Quasar Country Saloon this afternoon. Head on over to Quasar and ask Peachie for a group tag. :)


The Golden Spur Saloon is a place you need to check out!. With 2200 members in the group there is always something going on over here!
Get your slurl HERE
Look for more post from the Golden Spur Saloon soon!

Babs Quality

Babs Quality was doing a Quality job DJing over at Golden Spur Saloon! You need to check out the action over there as this place is getting more popular by the minute.
Just IM her with your request and she will get them going. :) While your at it, get a group tag so you can keep up with her.

Annette Breen

Annette Breen was the DJ over at Black Horse Country today. Black Horse, where there's always a party going on!
Annette had a Fan Club so be sure to IM her and get in the group so you will know where she is DJing next. She's just getting started with it so there's plenty of room to join up!
Charter just says:

This is my personal fan group I hope you all enjoy it here and come see me dj sometimes! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don Cabassoun at The Chapel Hangout

Don Cabassoun was doing his thing over at The Chapel. Lot of great country music going on tonight!

Johnny Paramour at Diamonds & Spurs

Diamonds & Spurs had Johnny Paramour singing tonight. Looking for information about Johnny? Here's what his BIO says:
Booking Contact:
Private Manager: Springrose Bashly
Whether you're lookin to have some boot stompin fun or slow dance with that special someone, I know you'll enjoy the music and atomosphere wherever and whenever I perform. Ya'll are the reason I do what I come to a show and decide for yourself. You may just have one hell of a good time! Hope to see ya there!!!
Don't forget to join Johnny's group: Johnny on Your Spot
Here's a little list of places I've Performed recently:
LIVE @ Azzure Stac's Place
Bella Vida Solarwinds
Poseidon's Treasures Coconut Beach
Graceland Lovers Heavy Metal Heaven The Deck
Harum Scarum Dixie Line
Kickin Palazzo
Visit his singsnap page for a sneak peak at what he can do!
Weekly gigs:
Stac's Palace @ 2pm slt
SolarWinds @ 9pm slt

Angee Seetan at Smoking Aces

Angee Seetan was over at Smokin Aces sounding great as always!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shaye Dezno at Sterling Music Park

Shaye Dezno was doing her thing over at Sterling Music Park. Be sure to catch a show when you can, she always has a lot of energy and the crowd picks up on it nicely.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gary Jonstone at Quasar

Gary Jonstone was over at Quasar this evening. He may have the best voice in sure to catch a show!

Don Cabassoun at Freebirds

Don Cabassoun was over at Freebirds tonight. You will want to catch one of his shows if you can. Also, you can book him by contacting Minnie Sideways.

mica Breen at Country Crossroads

Caught mica Breen's show over at Country Crossroads tonight. It's always a great show with the whole family getting involved. Faith and little Raylynne helping out.
Here is a slurl for you so you can check it out yourself. Country Crossroads

Dumpling's Country Music Dance Club

Dumpling's is the place to be early Saturday mornings. Great way to start off your day!
Need a slurl? Just click here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eliz Watanabe at Cascadia Music Park

Eliz Watanabe was over at Cascadia Music Park this afternoon. Sounding great at always.
You can check her out here.

Don Cabassoun at Guthries Folk Club

Next up over at Guthries Folk Club was Don Cabassoun! You will want to catch one of his shows if you can.
Check with Minnie Sideways for booking information.

Dougie Moonites at Crabby Creek

Started out over at Crabby Creek this morning to hear Dougie Moonites! Always a great show!