Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beccca Baxton

Beccca Baxton was singing over at Rockin Roost Roadhouse.

Her profile says:

I am a performer on Sl. I also Have my own Venue Buy Me A Rose .Send notecard Ims get capped. I am SInging,my venue or With sweets Trey

MY PAGE..Me-You Get Music & Humor



weddings and personal parties, contact me for pricing. or booking me for a show.Thank you Beccca Baxton

Just contact her for any bookings you may have!

Rockin Roost Roadhouse

Hey yall, come down and check out the Rockin Roost Roadhouse.

Here's what The Rockin Roost charter says:

Sometimes in life a door will close, but when that door does close another one will open. That's what the Rockin Roost means to it's owners. The Tavern has closed but the Rockin Roost has taken it's place.

The Roost has a very warm and homey feeling. It's a great place to meet people, have a few laughs and enjoy the talents of live singers and Dj's.

We have events Monday through Saturday. The live singers start normally around 6:00 PM SLT, and the events start around 7 pm slt come down and say hi.

Raven Bechir and mikcl Martian are the owners of the club. As of today there are 151 members in the group.

This is the current lineup of singers, but check back often as there are live shows daily!

5-6 justme carlucci
6-7 Jon Bazar and Fireheart Braver
7-8 chapman zane
8-9 RB Hamelin

6-8 Open Mic
8-9 Beccca Baxton

6-7 WashedUp Sideways
7-8 Chapman Zane
8-9 RB Hamelin/chapman dual stream

6-7 Mance Moonwall
7-8 Etherian Kamaboko
8-9 LIghtnin Lowtide
9-10 Tukso Okey

6-7 Music Oxygen
7-8 Chapman Zane
8-9 Avatar Quinzet

12 noon - Justme Carlucci

6-7 Scarlette Rouge every other week
Aussie Style late show
10pm Chapman
12am RB Hamelin

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gary Jonstone

Gary Jonstone was singing over at Quasar today. Contact him and join his group to see where he's at next.

Deuce Barthelmess

DJ Deuce Barthelmess was spinning the tunes over at Quasar Country Saloon today.

This is in his profile:

DJ specializing in country, rock, weddings, and oldies.

So if your looking for a DJ, send him an IM.

You can also join the group "Deuces Wild Bunch"

Here's what the group charter says:

Everyone who has every played a hand of poker has heard the term "deuces are wild." and you my friends are the wildest. Then there was the notrious outlaw group The Wild Bunch. At the urging of several of you, I've decided to establish this group to keep friends informed of where I'll be performing. I hope you'll jump onto the group and the good times. Looking forward to seeing you there as we have fun and "rock on."

Savannah Coronet at Apheca Show Stage

The days not complete without catching a Savannah Coronet show! Today she was over at Apheca.

Click HERE to see where she's performing next.

Lance Windlow

Lance Windlow was singing over at the General Lee Country Club and as you can see, the place was packed!

Get all your info on Lance here:

I am a live SL entertainer. I do rock, country, blues, standards and originals. With my sexy dancers, special effects and sense of humor, I put on a show you will not soon forget. My manager is Adina46 Magic, who is also my beautiful wife, the woman I waited a lifetime to find. Contact her for booking information.

Web Site: www.lance-music.com
You Tube: www.youtube.com/lancewindlow

Black Horse Country

Look up Western in your search engine under places and what ALWAYS comes out on top?

Black Horse Country!

What makes this place so special? Come by and check it out for yourself. Here's your SLURL.

Guthries Folk Club

If your wondering what to do today as far as Live Music goes, Guthries is a great place to start. Here is today's line up. And as you can see lefty Unplugged was strumming and singing while I was there. Need a SLURL for Guthries?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rosa Gardner

DJ Rosa Gardner was doing her normal Saturday morning show over at Dumplings. You will want to be sure to catch that when you can!

Check out the top picture for all the happening over at Dumpling's. Here's your SLURL

KatRose Serendipity at Guthries

Started out the day over at Guthries to see Kat Rose. As you can see, Guthries has a full line up for today.

If you missed Kat Rose's show, just click HERE to see when the next one is.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dick Pinelli

Was over at Maggie's Southern Comfort where Dick Pinelli was spinning the tunes.

Check out Dick's profile:

I Dj Blues, Smooth Jazz and Country in both SL & RL with 6 years of internet radio experience. Catch me at Trails End Saloon and Bad Ass Blues Club. Check the schedule in the Picks tab above.

You can also hear Blues & Jazz 24/7 from our stations at http://www.citysounds.biz.

Here's Dicks current schedule:

Trails End Saloon & Dance Hall 8-10pm (Country)
Bad Ass Blues Club 6-8pm (Blues)

Additionally, I hire out for fill only as my own club takes the major portion of my time.

Come by and check things out!

Dougie Moonites at Crabby Creek

Dougie was over at Crabby Creek tonight. Click HERE to see where he's at next!

Savannah Coronet at Ami's

Savannah was over at Ami's tonight. Click here to see where she's at next!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brixton Canning

Brixton Canning was singing over at Southern Country Club. There's always something going on over there!

To find out where Brixton will be next.....you click HERE.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black Horse Country

Black Horse Country!!! It does not matter, day or night, this place is ALWAYS packed.

DJ Kedryn McMillan was spinning the tunes and folks were packing it in.

Check it out when you get a chance!

Dougie Moonites at Lil Egypt

Dougie Moonites was over at Lil Egypt.

Look at his schedule HERE

Angee Seetan at Southern Country Club

Angee Seetan was over at Southern Country Club tonight.

To find out where she's at next, click HERE

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RB Hamelin and Chapman Zane

Caught the last part of RB Hamelin and Chapman Zane over at the Rockin Roost Roadhouse.

You can find out about RB's shows HERE

Lolene Quicksand

Lolene Quicksand was singing over at Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Loundge tonight.

Want to catch a show? Here are the times and locations:

Regular Bookings at SL:

Paradise Dreamz, Tuesday at 4 pm
Eons Ballroom: Wednesday 4 pm
Vella Vida, Wednesday 8 pm
Southern Country, Fridays at 3 pm
Starstruck Club: Fridays at 5 pm
Iron Horse Saloon, Fridays at 7 pm
Pattie's Place, Fridays at 8 pm
Xi City Casino; Saturdays at 2 pm
Zhora Falls, Sundays at 1 pm
Saralis Village: Sundays at 3 pm

Special Bookings:

Brokeback, Saturday, April 10, 12 noon slt
Idle Rogue, Saturday, April 10, 6 pm slt

Savannah Coronet at Lauren's Place

Caught Savannah's show over at Lauren's Place.

Want to know where you can catch the next show? Just click HERE

Sunday, April 4, 2010

paradorn Ansar

Started off today over at Kickin Club where paradorn Ansar was singing.

Here's what he says:

I sing different styles of songs (trying to keep the countryclassics alive)....a bit jazzy....easy listening, countryrock and pop and of course you can request songs. And if i know them, i will gladly play them for you.

You can check out his schedule here

Want to book him for a show? Contact Zara Beattie

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Waylon Haystack and Whiskey River at Freebirds

Yep, we were not done. Right after Quasar we headed over to Freebirds. Next time, why dont you tag along?

Waylon Haystack and Whiskey River

We were over at Quasar tonight. Waylon was singing up a storm, you should have been there!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dry Gulch USA

I was over at Dry Gulch USA today. This is a new venue, owned by Sweeter Enigma.

Here's a description of the club.

Old Time Western Setting Dry Gulch Saloon. Owner Sweeter Enigma.
Daily events with DJ's. A place to come hang out with your parnter, friends, loved ones, family. Open 24/7

We have Bull riding, Bronco riding, Hat throwing, Duel Bull Riding, Horeshoe pit, Darts, Trivia, Line Dancing, Couples Dancing, Events, Dj's

Looking for Host/Hostess and DJ's. Please send me an IM if interested.

Be sure to contact Sweeter if your interested in being part of Dry Gulch USA.

Here is your slurl

Even though this is a new venue, there are already 181 members in the group. Come check it out!

Mountain String

Mountain String was the DJ over at Dry Gulch USA today. You wont catch him DJing often but be sure to check out his poetry gallery! Here is your slurl

CharlieO Michigan at Guthries

Let's get it started! Head over to Guthries and you can catch CharlieO Michigan!