Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ok, decided to livin up a bit so I headed over to the IRON HORSE Bike Bar for their ROWDY ASS COUNTRY EVENT.
Need to get a little is your SLURL

bobby Longspring at Buy Me A Rose

Next up, bobby Longspring over at Buy Me A Rose Venue And Mall! Wonder whats next tonight?

Merrick Robonaught at Club Alias

Started off tonight over at Club Alias to hear Merrick Robonaught. Thats a good way to get started!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sydney's Live Music

Was over listening to shadez Rhapsody for a few minutes at Sydney's Live Music. If you want to book an event or find out whats going on over there, just contact Rae Hazelnut.

Golden Spur Saloon

It's best in favorite color at The Golden Spur Saloon. Davidx Sinister is your DJ over there and Lucille Raynier is your host. Hop on over there!

Savannah Coronet at Wiseguys

Savannah was Jazzin it up over at Wiseguys today. Packed as always!


Started off the day over at GENERALEE CLUB AND MORE. You may want to check the place out. It was a little southern rock this morning with Ray02 Little DJing.
A little about Ray:

Hi,thank you for looking at my profile....Let me introduce myself,I'm DJ Ray and I cover a wide range of music that I'm certain you'll thoroughly enjoy.My specialities however are Classic Rock.Country Rock and also Country.Send me an IM ,you'll be happy you did!. Rates are negotiable...Thanks again for viewing.
Come check it out!

Johnny Paramour at The Patio Live Music

If you didn't catch Johnny's show at The Patio Live Music last night, you can see where he's at next right HERE. Or to hear a sample head over to

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

U.S. Rose Country

U.S. Rose Country is back! usmale is your DJ tonight! Stop by and see usmale and Rosa and see what's happening at U.S. Rose Country.

Golden Spur Saloon

Contest is Favorite Color over at Golden Spur Saloon. 500L up for grabs!

Savannah Coronet at The Cove Beach Classic Rock

Savannah Coronet and the girls were over at The Cove Beach Classic Rock & Blues Live Music Venue. It's real easy to see where Savannah is singing....just go to the big map and look for all the green dots.....she's right in the middle of them. Biggest crowds in SL :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dutch Brodie at US ROSE

Another great show by Dutch Brodie and the County Line Band tonight over at US ROSE. Dutch is back, the Rose is back, things are getting better all the time!

Monday, August 16, 2010

HOPE Static at Quasar

HOPE Static is your DJ over at Quasar Country Saloon tonight. Check out that crowd! It's Best in Jeans and 1000L on the board! You can catch HOPE at Quasar Mon and Tue nights 8-10.

Don Galaga

Don Galaga was next up at Alafia Country Escape. What a great lineup for this evening!

Melodee McDonnell at Club Blue Twilight

Ok folks, dont let her great classical voice fool ya, Melodee McDonnell can sing some Country! Just ask her for one when you catch a show. And look back there! It's Cowboy CTM!

Bobby Longspring at Alafia Country Escape

Bobby Longspring came up right after Iahn and did a great show also!

Here is Bobby's BIO:

Bobby Longspring is one of sl's newest hidden gems. Although bobby sings a variety of music his first is Country music. His vocals will send your emotions spinning and leave you wanting him to just keep singing.

I started singing at the age of 11 in church, from then on he sang in shows from the age of 21. I have been singing in my home town under the gazebo. I like to sing a variety of country from oldies to new moderen country!

IF you would like to book me please get in contact with Maxine Segall

To see Bobby's schedule just click HERE.

Iahn Xeltentat at Alafia Country Escape

Over at Alafia Country Escape's Smoking Aces, Iahn Xeltentat was doing his thing. Those Texas guys put on a good show! Check below for show dates.

Mon: 5pm SLT -Alafia Country Escape

Tue: 2pm SLT -Palazzo Celestial

Wed: 6pm SLT -Club P4

Fri: 5pm SLT -Flipper's Pen Dance Club and Hang-out

Here is Iahn's BIO:

Genre: Acoustic -Singer/Songwriter, Country & Progressive Lite Rock

Influences: the Beatles, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet and many more...

Hailing from a long line of entertainers, Iahn’s appetite to perform was cultivated as early as the 3rd grade. By the time he attended Terrell Middle School in Terrell, TX, Iahn was absolutely unshakable in his determination to forge his dream into reality, when a young Eric Bishop inspired him to dream as big as he wanted and Iahn could see then what the entire world knows now as the incomparable talent of Jamie Foxx.

Born in Athens, TX on November 7, 1968, Iahn began writing songs at the age of 15. By his twenties he had crafted a number of songs and began showcasing them. Moving to Nevada in 1987, Iahn pursued his goal of being a professional musician, even hosting a Saturday songwriting workshop based on Harvey Rachlin’s The Songwriter’s Handbook .

Iahn Xeltenatat (RL: Jahn Burns) has performed in venues throughout Reno & Las Vegas, NV, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, San Francisco & Las Angeles, CA, as well as Phoenix, AZ and of course, Dallas, TX.

In December of 2007, Iahn was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, and soon received a life-saving transplanted kidney from his RL twin brother, John (aka Funky Texan in SL.)

Better than ever, he is ready to perform once again and has decided the platform of Second Life is where he will revitalize his music career.


“Iahn Xeltentat is that kind of singer who possesses a unique vocal personality, which really reminds me of Chris de Burgh. An intuitive songwriter who truly knows what a song needs to really “pop”. It was a joy to work closely with such a talent . It’s just a matter of time until that magical moment when everyone agrees.” (-Tom Gordon, pro Drummer & Chief Recording Engineer)

“Iahn is the REAL deal...he’s got the goods.” (-Tony “2tymz” Trevino, Bass Guitarist)

“I seldom come across someone with a gift that needs to be heard. Iahn colors outside the lines and is belongs in the musical market.” (-Dennis Leonard, Singer/Songwriter)

Upcoming shows and song downloads -

Bookings - (notecards greatly accepted inworld)

KatRose Serendipity at The Ruins

KatRose Serendipity was singing over at The Ruins this evening. You can check out here schedule HERE.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dutch Brodie at Sky Barn

Dutch Brodie and the County Line Band took the stage for a rare show this evening. Dutch was great as always! Is there a comeback in the future? We will see. Shoot....even Waylon Haystack was there!

Dutch Brodie

Hey yall.....Dutch Brodie....yeah, that's right I said Dutch Brodie, tonight at the Skybarn. You wont want to miss this.

Here is your SLURL

Norm Goldshark at Whisky River Saloon

Norm Goldshark was up next at Whisky River Saloon. Grab a beer and a chair and listen to some good ol Country.

Scotty Glasswing at Whisky River Saloon

Scotty Glasswing was singing at Whisky River Saloon this afternoon. Scotty is kinda new to SL, be sure to check him out when you get a chance!
Here is Scotty's BIO:

Scotty was Born and Bred in Scotland where at the tender age of 9 years old his singing career began being Boy Soprano in the School Chior then Like all growing boys his voice broke
He stopped singing until he was 16 years old when he put his first band together and through the years played in bands covering a wide range of musical Genres so don't be surprised if he is singing country one minute and singing songs from shows the next or you might hear him sing good ol' Rock 'n' Roll from the 50's or a powerful Ballad from the 90's

He has played support to many of the top artists including
The Hollies. Spencer Davis Group. and many many more
After a stint in Germany entertaining the U S forces with his band
Scotty did six and a half years as A solo Cabaret artist playing all over the U K
With all this in mind his main aim is to offer you the very best in entertainment that he can
But as they say in Showbiz
you can please some of the people some of the time
you can please all of the people some of the time
but you can't please all of the people all of the time

He hopes that he can entertain you most of the time and that he leaves you with a warm glow after his shows for you are the reason for his being here and entertaing you is his goal as it was in RL

He looks forward to seeing and meeting you all at his shows.

Krisie Snowdrop at Diamonds & Spurs

Krisie Snowdrop is singing over at Diamonds & Spurs! If you miss the show, just check HERE to see where she's at next.

SL Video

Hey Yall, you have an event you want to capture on video? Contact Robert69 Little or Annasue Barzane.

You can check out their work here.

They do their best to promote SL Live Music.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Live Country Music In Second Life

Hey yall, if your looking for a sim that's dedicated to Live Country Music in Second Life, then look no further. Here is your SLURL.

You can go here and check out some of your favorite singers. There are sample songs, schedules, videos and more!

Singers listed so far are: mica Breen, Faith Bade, Chip Takacs, MrMikie String, EdHausen Morpork, Mad Wonder, Rock Doghouse, Bo Hoyes, Mastersam Tigerfish, Tonythetiger Cluny, Krisie Snowdrop, Angee Seetan, Merrick Robonaught, Don Galaga, Johnny Paramour, ELiz Watanabe

More are joining up as you read this. Stop by and sample their music and check the calendars!

Need a place to stay? Shop? Hotel? it's all here. Contact mica Breen for more information.

Merrick Robonaught at Diamonds & Spurs

Merrick Robonaught did a show over at Diamonds & Spurs with a little help from illusion Parks.
Missed it? Wondering where he's at next? Just click HERE.

Anedde Artful at Club Lion

Anedde Artful was singing over at Club Lion. Anedde will get your feet tappin :) Check her out sometime. You can check out her webpage HERE.

Hogan Baily at Kickin Club

Not sure how Hogan Baily was singing with that bone in his mouth, but was sounding pretty good over at Kickin Club this afternoon.

Black Horse Country

Black Horse Country........Dakota Christensen just took over for Jo12887 Dezno over at Black Horse Country. BIG music is coming to Black Horse in the form of SAVANNAH CORONET!!
August 21st at will not want to miss this show!

Golden Spur Saloon

Cupcake Aero is your DJ this morning over at Golden Spur. The contest is best in black black. Get on down there and get some lindens.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Savannah Coronet

A little Rock and Roll with Savannah and the girls!

Covenant Wylder at Guthires Folk Club

Covenant Wylder was singing over at Guthries Folk Club this afternoon.
Covenant's group is called The Rumpus Room and has 59 members so far. Here is what the group charter says:

This group is for fans and supporters of Covenant Wylder. Come on in, and don't be a stranger! (Strangers welcome, however... ;)

To book Covenant for you venue, wedding, grand opening etc pleast contact Ryleigh Sorbet

Geoffrey Steuart at The Golden Rose

The Golden Rose had Geoffrey Steuart singing this morning. Here's what his pics say:

A performer with something for every musical taste, Geoffrey Steuart rocks SL with a wide range of music. Whether you like the hard rock of korn and Godsmack, country favorites from Alan Jackson and Clint Black, the crooners Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra or those golden oldies by Buddy Holly and Elvis, he will swing you around like a cat by the tail. And don't forget his specialty; Classic Rock from Clapton, CCR, Bob Seger, Jethro Tull, Rainbow, Joe Walsh, The Who and many, many more!!

Check him out when you get a chance!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bannock Ogg at Quasar

Bannock Ogg was your DJ over at Quasar late this evening. Contact him directly if your looking for a DJ.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ELiz Watanabe at The Star Bar

ELiz Watanabe countried up The Star Bar Martini and Jazz Club this evening. Sounding great as always. :)

Stephanie Silentghost at Twilight Live

Stephanie Silentghost was singing over at Twilight Live. I requested a song and she got right to it, beautifully done. :)
Below is her BIO:

Booking Contact- Stephanie Silentghost
PA: Spygirl Bonetto

Stephanie Silentghost has musical influences in the blues, jazz. R&B, standards, rock, country and folk... Her musical taste is ecclectic and her vocal tone is unique and sultry. Whether singing a sexy blues number or a standard classic she will sweep you away in the mood she creates...

Come listen to Stephanie Silentghost sing her heart out. She will knock you right off your feet with her smooth and sultry voice. Stephanie's voice has a way of touching you to your very core. You will hear great songs from artists such as Diana Krall, Bonnie Raitt, Wynonna Judd,T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, INXS, Norah Jones, Susan Tedeschi, Eva Cassidy all stylized with Stephanie's special flair. You don't wanna miss her!

Don't forget to join her group: You can do so by touching her tip board at the top right : JOIN GROUP
If you have no more room in groups then please feel free to join her subscribe-o-matic also located on her tip board at shows... Hear when she will be singing next and get a limo to her shows... JOIN TODAY!!!

Visit her booth at TRAX for a sampe of her vocal stylings...

Stephanie's Stream: URL =

Charndon Kass at Berry Patch

It was a pajama party over at Berry Patch and Charndon Kass was singing! Check out those jammies :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On the road

Hey yall, been on the road for 3 weeks but I'll be back on Thursday and start catching everyone up on sl country events!

Also, I have been gathering photos and information for rl country that I will post under my other blog. Information to come. Where have I been for 3 weeks?

From Austin, TX to Williston ND......over through Montana, down through the rockies all the way to Hobbs, NM. There is plenty of pics and info to come. Check it out next weekend.

Keep it Country!