Monday, April 25, 2011

Justme Carlucci

My favorite Okie, Justme Carlucci was singing over at RB's House of Lyric tonight. You need to check out a show when you get a chance. There's nothing like the sound of an Acoustic Guitar when it's played right.

Just click HERE to see when the next show is.

Grizzly Adams (the1grizz) Resident at Alfia Country Escape

the1grizz Resident (Grizzly Adams) was singing over at Alafia Country Escape this evening.

WhispersOfTheWInd1960 is his manager. Contact her for booking information.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eliz Watanabe at Wiseguys

Eliz Watanabe is singing right now over at WizeGuys.

You can find out more about Eliz by checking out her website HERE.

Bo Hoyes at Roadhouse Dreams

My good buddy Bo Hoyes was at it today over at Roadhouse Dreams!

Check out more about Bo over at his myspace page by clicking HERE.

NormReynolds Genesis at Smoking Aces

First show I caught today was another Austinite, NormReynolds Genesis over at Smoking Aces. Travis Overland stepped up to lend a hand on the electric guitar.

You can contact Tigs Sweetwater to book Norm at your next event.

SL Country Blog

Hey Yall, lets get this blog going again. Have you heard a good SL Country Singer lately? Been to a cool Country place? Send me an IM and I'll check it out!