Saturday, November 26, 2011


kessryll stormcrow is "STORMCROW" and he was singing over at THE PURELIFE LODGE today. To book Stormcrow for a show, contact Sammy Fairbaum.

Kanika Avon is your hostess today, so head on over.

There is a big Lineup at Purelife today:

1PM Brett Hansome
2PM Brook Boxton
3PM Bo Hoyes
4PM Khiron Ametza
5PM Thom Silverfall
6PM Bo Carter
7PM Zoree Jupiter
9PM Scorpianrose

Savannah Coronet at Lousianna

Savannah was singing at Louisanna yesterday.

In the background is:

Dametria Belwraith, Marleen Bamaisin and Ariradel Bowenford.

You can see Savannah's schedule by clicking HERE.

Bo Hoyes at Iron Horse Saloon

Here's my buddy Bo Hoyes at Iron Horse Saloon yesterday. Giving him a helping hand was:

Looker Hannibal on guitar
Marsha Fizzle on Bass
Bow Shim on guitar
Thunderfoot Lorefield on Drums

Catch a Bo show when you get a chance!