Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don Cabassoun at Native American Spirit

Don Cabassoun was over at Native American Spirit tonight. Send him an IM to find out where he's singing next!
Hear him again for the first time
After a short pause due to RL job demands, Don is Back!
Booking Contact:
Minnie Sideways:
For those of you who have not witnessed Don perform, You have missed one Hell of a good time. For those of you who have, you can confirm the High Energy, Non Stop, Crowd Pleasing style he puts out at every performance. Modern Country, Classic Country, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Dance Hits, he brings something for everyone in the audience. Feel fee to make your request as you tap your foot, clap your hands, or shake your booty to the variety of hits!
Places performed:
Club Atlantic
Helle's Angels
Ettamogah Pub Down Under
Lacey's Place
New Dawn Resort
Studio Genre Ahura
Zen's Live
High 5 Club
Iron Horse
FEE (negoicable)
4K 1 hour
3K Weekly
6K Private
Link to listen

Monday, May 17, 2010

Alafia Country Escape

Ok yall, you will have to check out this new place. Only two weeks old and look at the live singers already lined up at the Smoking Aces!

Angee Seetan, Brixton Canning, Charndon Kass, Don Galaga, Don Hadazuma, Dougie Moonites, Edhausen Morpork, Gandalf Mornington, Hogan Baily, Iahn Xeltentat, Jewels Kidd, Krisie Snowdrop, Lolene Quicksand, Lonnie Rocket, Merrick Robonaughts, Mrmikie String, Rayna Gorham, Rockinrob, Rassir, Savannah Coronet, Tristyn Homewood, Unknowable Kidd and Woofn Warden.

Dougie Moonites at Alafia Country Escape

Dougie did a show over at a new venue. Alafia Country Escape. You will want to check this place out! You can check out Dougie's calendar by clicking HERE.

Tristyn Homewood

Also over at Azzure Tristyn Homewood was singing. And yes, you can find his schedule HERE.

Angee Seetan

Caught Angee's show over at Azzure. Great job as always!
Just click HERE to see where she's at next.

Reno Segall at Bonetto Club

Reno Segall had is bad over at Bonetto Club today. Great show, complete with special affects!
Reno has a full schedule but you can just click HERE to see it.