Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ghostwalker Schwarz

DJing at Dumplings today was Ghostwalker Schwarz. Ghostwalker is one of the many Country DJs in Secondlife.

Here is what his bio says:

My name is Ghostwalker Schwarz. I am a live DJ here on secondlife. I play mainly Country but also do Classic Rock. I do take request when I am working but only in the genre of the event I am currently in. I like to have a lot of fun and love my music. Helping other people to have fun is what really makes me happy, especially making sure they have an awesome time while I DJ. So now it is time to party and have a great time. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you at my events. If you would like to join my DJ group so you know where I am working feel free to IM me.

"There are no strangers on Secondlife, just friends I have not met yet".

Thank You,
Ghostwalker Schwarz

Send him an IM to see where he's at next!


Hey yall, Dumplings is a place that does live Music, has live DJ's and country shops.

Here is what the group charter says:

Dumpling's is a group for all who enjoy good friends, country music and line dancing.
If you are just joining us, Welcome to the family. If you have been a member for a while now , thank you for your continued support.

Dumplings has 184 members as of today. Here is your slurl for Dumplings

Stop by to see what events they have going on.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Here's another Live Music Venue.... Kasbah (Live music and Dance Club with Art Gallery)

The Group is Kasbah Club and here is what the charter says:

Welcome to Kasbah, a Moroccan-themed club with live music, dancing, and an art gallery. Please stop by, explore a bit, and stay awhile. While you are there, please join our group so that you can stay informed of all of the exciting events we will offer! Now showing Isis008 Magic's artwork in the gallery.

As of today there are 181 members.

Here is your slurl for Kasbah Club

Moondoggirl Moomintoog

Moondoggirl Moomintoog, caught her show over at Kasbah. Lot of original tunes and a great performer!

Moon Tunes is the name of the group and here is what the charter says:

An SL performer since February of 2008, MOON is a Nashville songwriter that bridges the musical gap between genres with her own original songs and covers. From Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Raitt, to the Beatles and Bob Dylan, her strong vocals, unique originals and covers will move, groove, soothe and bruise you with her own brand of edgy "country- fusion," style. Check her out:

As of today there are 90 members in the group. Be sure to check her out!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

EdHausen Morpork

Just caught EdHausen Morpork's show over at Poseidon's Treasure.

EdHausen's group is called Rockin' Hausen Entertainment and has 24 members as of today. He has a unique country style that you will want to check out!

Here's what the group charter says:

This group is for the wonderful and loving fans of EdHausen Morpork. Please enjoy the show and don't forget to tip the venue.

Join his group to find out where he's singing. Connie Chauveau is his Manager.

Stampede Canyon Country

Stampede Canyon Country, I checked this live venue out today as RemyFarman was singing. Great outdoors venue with water falls and plenty of dance room.

MrShyGuy Schmooz is the owner of Stampede Canyon Country. Here is what the group charter says:
Stampede Canyon Has The Best Country Western and Oldies Music in Sl! Come Out and Make This Your Home Away From Home. Open 7 Days A Week With Live Entertainment Nightly From 6-7pm & Club Events 4-6pm & 7-9pm..

As of today there are 133 members in the group.

Here's your slurl for Stampede Canyon Country

Go and check the place out!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gary Jonstone

Gary Jonstone was singing over at KICKIN'CLUB ATLANTIC this evening. Go check him out when you get a chance!

The fan club is called "DISENGAGED" and says:

Rock, country, R&B.. you name it..
Dallas Silverspar & Gary Jonstone.. great friends.. two performersin one world... the best is yet to come.. be a part of it.

To date there are 71 members

Tobykip Lionheart

Tobykip Lionheart was singing over at Drifter's Country Saloon tonight.

Here's what his group charter "KickinKuntry with Toby" says:

Tobykip Lionheart
He is a true country boy at heart and loves to sing those country tunes for all of us!! Toby also like to sing a few gospel tunes during his shows.
Tobykip is from Tennessee.
He loves to sing everyday and enjoys the new stuff but also enjoys the oldies. He wants to keep the oldies alive and adds a touch of himself to them.
Toby's musical influences are Elvis Presley, Toby Keith, George Strait, Randy Travis and Alan Jackson plus many more.

There are 60 members in his fan club as of today.

Drifter's Country Saloon

Went over to Drifter's Country Saloon this evening. This is another place to come here some live country music.

The groups description says:

Kickin' back, gettin' wild country music saloon. Country Store, prefabs,country Music only. Pan for gold and win Linden's, Home rentals.Shop space, bar,cowboy hats,Silhouettes,club,tavern,rustic furniture

Here is the slurl for Drifter's Country Saloon



Here's another live music venue for Country Music.

LilMissPriss Lane owns the club with 248 members at this time.

You can see this in her profile:


Contact her for more information.

Here is your Slurl for KICKIN'CLUB ATLANTIC

Saturday, August 8, 2009

LA BAMA's People

Like the outdoors and live music? Come on over to the The Swamp.

LA BAMA people is the name of the group. As of today there is 258 members.

Here is what the group charter says:

This group is for information on items. We also help new people to SL. Have new friends send them in. IM me anytime.

Rental Homes, tiki homes, cabins,rental spaces for your shop needs, and a very nice beach area to relax or play in. pets,pet,kitten,puppy,dragon,clothes,dresses,pants,shoes,boots,furniture,swings,thrones,kitchens,exclusives,freebies,free,free clothes,flowers,trees,dance floors,sex,sex balls,dance,dance balls,womens clothes,mens clothes,com

And here is your slurl for LA BAMA's People

LOOK's Shaye Dezno! Be sure to catch a Shaye show, she plays all over SL. I actually heard Shaye at her first show, was really good....but now, they are really great!

The Shaye Dezno Fan Club has 104 members at of today.

Check out Shaye's profile:
★★★----------THE WEEKENDER----------★★★
A live music venue showcasing the best live musicians on SL every weekend (see picks for lineup)

♪♪♪Live Performer - If you need a country singer, please feel free to IM me if i'm online. If not, send a notecard to either myself or Marissa Goodliffe for rates and availability, so I can contact you promptly. Thank you :) See my picks for my weekly schedule♪♪♪

Northern Lights Country Club

Hey watch for live country music singers on Saturday mornings here at Northern Lights Country Club.

This is a fairly new place and is owned by Dominick Manatiso and Tex Seesaw. Come on over and say hey to Tex and Dom!

Here is your slurl for Northern Lights Country Club

Angee Seetan

Angee Seetan can sing anything......and a lot of times it's COUNTRY!

You can join her group "Seetan Seekers". As of today there are 80 members in the group. I was over at Northern Lights Country Club and caught here show this morning.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lexington Wasp

Making his singing debut tonight at the Pond is our very own Lexington Wasp. Be sure to join his group and catch his future shows!

Here's what the Friends of Lex Charter says:

Thank you for joining in the group and for coming to my shows. I appreciate each and every one of you.

If you've made it this far you know the type of music I do. So I'll just say, "Raise your right hand and repeat after me":

I, (say your name) promise to have fun, party hardy and remember their name in the morning.

Ok, thats it, you're a member.

Just remember, “You are what makes SL a great place for me. I hope, at times I can bring a smile to your life just as you do to mine.”

As of now there are 17 members in the group.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don Cabassoun

Caught the first part of Don Cabassoun's show tonight. Another very good country singer!

Here's what the STRAY DAWG POSSE group charter says as of today:

Every Sunday 1:00 PM @ Studio Genre
Every Monday 6 pm New Dawn
Every Tuesday Night @ P4 7PM ( August)
Every Thursday Night 8 PM @ New Dawn Resort
Every Friday Morning 1 AM @ Lacey's Place
Every Friday @ Lil Reds 6:00 PM

Saturday Aug. 15, & 29 Helle's - 5PM
Saturday Aug. 8 - The Old Barn - 10 AM
Monday Aug. 10 5:00 PM Boogie Beach

At this time there are 69 members.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moonlight Serenade

Sunday should get that special someone and head over to the Moonlight Serenade Club. A great time to get all dressed up and be with someone special, as you can see.

Here is what the group charter says:
Welcome to The Moonlight Serenade group! We hope that you will enjoy the concept of a club where you and your special someone can come to be with friends and dance to the love songs you want to hear. We are not a club for events - we feel that will detract from the true purpose of Moonlight by turning it into nothing more than a drama club where people come only for the lindens they could win. We are open to suggestions and hearing what you have to say at all times. We hope you will join often.

As of today there are 86 members in the group.

Here is the slurl for Moonlight Serenade

Red River Saloon has both indoor and outdoor live music venues.

Here's what the group charter says:

Red River Saloon Staff Group
These are people that keep the Red River Saloon and Club Furo running :))

Red River Saloon is a club for Country and Western music lovers and for those that like a cosy, friendly atmosphere to dance and chat in. RR,Red River,Saloon,Country,Country Music,Line Dancing,cowboy,western,shopping,western clothing

Currently there are 33 members in the group.

Here is the slurl for Red River

Fiddler's Country Western Club

This one has been around a long time. Here's what the group charter says:

SL's #1 Country Group and Sim! Where people of all walks of life come to meet with friends. The Best DJ's playing the Best Country Music of Yesterday and Today. And the friendliest & most helpful Hosts. 57 Events weekly, Bullriding, Barrel Racing, Wedding Chapel and House Rentals. All located on a 2 sim world, which is home to Fiddler's Saloon and Boss Dance Club and all are supported by our very own Dusty's Western Wear & Boss Clothing.

As of right now there is 3861 members in the group.

Here's the slurl for Fiddler's

Club Falling Waters

Club Falling Waters host live music. I have been here many times.

Here is what the group charter says:

Club Falling Waters was founded by Sail Offcourse for Jazmine Gopheller and is currently owned and run by Tessa Landmann and Kariana Magic. We are dedicated to great times with the best in live music and dancing.

At this time there are 305 members in the group.

Here is your slurl for Falling Waters

Savannah Coronet

You can find Savannah all over the place. Great singer. Here's what her group charter says:

Hi! My name is Savannah Coronet and this group is dedicated to everyone that might enjoy my entertainment!! Thank you for joining and I love you all!!!

Click here for her calendar

621 Members as of today in Savannah's group.

Merrick Robonaught

Here's another SL singer that will throw some country at ya.

This comes from his profile:

I am a professional working musician and play a wide varity of music. Newer Country and Classic 60's - 70's rock. I primarily play Lead Guitar and Bass, with lesser skills in Keyboards. I have formal music training and have been playing and singing professionally for over 40 years. To book me please IM Illusion Parks. TY :))

Was singing since I was 4 and began on Violin at age 6. One day I discovered Rock an Roll. My 1st Pro gig on Guitar was at age 12. formal music training in College at UOP and Azusa Pacific. Former Studio guitarist for Capitol Annex Records. 40 yrs exp.

Z's Music Place

Z's Music Place is where I caught the show by Zachariah Loon.

The group charter says:

A drama-free zone to enjoy live music.
Live Music Schedule:

Mondays: 5pm to 8pm
Tuesdays: 5pm to 8pm
Wednesdays: 4pm to 9pm
Thursdays: 4pm to 8pm

No sploders, no dancers, just live music for your entertainment.

At this time there are 556 members in the group including 72 performers.

Here's your slurl to Z's Music Place

Zachariah Loon

Here's what his group charter says:

The purpose of this group is communicate about Zachariah Loon's live shows & stuff. Zachariah plays Street Corner Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Country and Folk songs that tell stories about life and love with a wry sense of humor.

Website w/ Show schedules, samples, lyrics, CD 's -

Hear some songs & become my friend @

Thanks, Zach

Singer/songwriter from Norman, Oklahoma