Monday, May 17, 2010

Alafia Country Escape

Ok yall, you will have to check out this new place. Only two weeks old and look at the live singers already lined up at the Smoking Aces!

Angee Seetan, Brixton Canning, Charndon Kass, Don Galaga, Don Hadazuma, Dougie Moonites, Edhausen Morpork, Gandalf Mornington, Hogan Baily, Iahn Xeltentat, Jewels Kidd, Krisie Snowdrop, Lolene Quicksand, Lonnie Rocket, Merrick Robonaughts, Mrmikie String, Rayna Gorham, Rockinrob, Rassir, Savannah Coronet, Tristyn Homewood, Unknowable Kidd and Woofn Warden.

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