Saturday, July 14, 2012

ClayStone is singing right now over at Smokin' ACE'S. Check out his BIO:

Clay Stone's music roots grew from a love of music of all kinds. His voice tends toward country with ventures into the fifties and sixties along with the occasional 'rat pack' songs. Clay's range of smooth love ballads and hard driving 'party' songs give everyone something to enjoy.

Clay streams his live music from the north woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A ruggedly wooded and rural area of mining towns, extreme snow and beautiful summers.

During Clay's time in the US Marines and after he has lived in several states and enjoyed the musical influences he found in each. Clay has lived in the high desert of California, Coastal North Carolina, Louisiana, Central Florida, Alaska and was born and now lives in Michigan.

For a Clay's calender just click HERE.

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