Thursday, January 1, 2015

Starting this year out with Luke Auster over at Vincent's Blues and Jazz Bar.

Here's what Luke's BIO says:

Luke Auster is a man on a set the grid of Second Life on FIRE with his gifted weapon of choice....his amazing voice.  Branded with charm and charisma, this vocalist lights up the room when he takes the stage.... you immediately realize you're in for a fantastic show.  Luke's energy is non-stop from start to finish and you will leave breathless from dancing up a storm!

Luke currently performs 7 days a week in Second Life and has shows booked regularly throughout the day.  He has headlined some of the most prominent venues on the grid and always leaves you wanting more.  Luke has a true connection with his fans and attributes their energy as "fuel to his passion".

Luke is always evolving and honing his craft.  With each new day comes new ideas and new thoughts for the platinum performances he delivers.  He welcomes fan thoughts and suggestions and will always make sure you are completely satisfied.  Each performance is fresh, fun and filled with good times!

Luke has been a resident of the SL family for over 4 years now and is making a name for himself as a live venue singer since February 2013.  He loves to spend time at his beautiful ranch on his downtime and relax with friends and family.  A true nature lover, Luke has surrounded himself with one of the most breathtaking pieces of land and built the Auster Ranch on it.  It's a place to find that peace and spirit that he brings with him to each show.  Luke's other passion is being on the open sea....and has found joy in his newest addition....a gorgeous vessel called the "Nautilus".

If you want to check out a show his current schedule is right HERE.

Catch a show soon!

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