Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'm over at Wildcat Country this morning. DJ Adam MoonRunner is spinning the tunes. Great set so far. Foxy Kit Lagan is hosting this morning. There's time for you to come and check it out.  Just click HERE to get to Wildcat Country.

If you miss DJ MoonRunner today, just look below at his schedule and catch him when you can.

Wildcat County

Sun - 10am-Noon

50 Shades of Music

Mon - 6-8pm
Wed - 6-8pm
Thurs - 6-8pm

Skinny Dip Inn

Sat - 6-8pm
Sun - 8-10pm

Isles of Perversion

Fri - 6-8pm

Wild Angels

Mon - 2-4pm, hosting
Thurs - 12-2pm, hosting

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