Friday, October 9, 2009

Lolene Quicksand

Lolene Quicksand was over at Falling Waters tonight singing some good Ol' Country Music!

Here is her info:

In 2003 and 2004, Lolene worked at the Parks Place Studio in the Greater Nashville, TN area on her second CD, Everything You Are. EYA tells a common story of a woman's life long search for her identity and true love. The 11 song CD presentations was written by some of the finest songwriters available, including Bill LaBounty, Pat McLaughlin, Gilles Goddard, and Gail Davies, amoung others.

Her Profile says:

Regular Bookings at SL:

Flying Giraffe, Monday 4-5 pm slt
Eons Ballroom: Wednesday 4-5 pm slt
Lil Red's Saloon: Thursday at 3-4 pm slt, starting 9/17/09
Falling Waters: Fridays at 5 pm slt
Gun Smoke Saloon, Sunday, 1-2 pm slt
Mustang Sally's, Sunday, 4-5 pm slt

When you get a chance, catch a show! You can check out here web site here:

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