Friday, October 9, 2009

OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo

Wow, want to be entertained? Catch a OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo show!

As of today there are 231 members in her group. It's easy to join the group. Here are the requirements:

To be a Half-Crazed Groupie you must want to have FUN, love music, and not spam the IMs.

Here is what her profile says:

I was born in RL, but I've lost the LM. So here I am!

I'm a live singer with a wide selection of songs thanks to the wonders of backtracks. I do Rock, Country, some blues, some showtunes, some jazz.

Sometimes I pretend I have a brain, but really, if you start taking me seriously, you are going to wind up seriously crazy!! Try not to do that, unless of course you are a half crazed groupie, then you've like, already done it!

She does a great job putting the entertainment into live entertainment!

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