Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breakers Club and Mall

Breakers Club and Mall is a live music venue hosting several different SL singers. You will want to keep up with them as they are always changing for the better.

Waylon Haystack and Whiskey River has played there and the staff is always friendly and helpful. One of the great places for SL LIVE music.

You can contact one of the owners of Breakers (Beth, McCaw, Sab Bing or Chell Westland) and they can add you to the group.

As of today there are 66 members.

The Group Charter says:

here at Breakers.

Breakers is a different kind of club that plays a mix of 80's, 90's and today's latest hits. Its a place where you can relax and feel no pressure....a true relaxing "get away".

The Mall offers a wide variety from furniture by Kitsi, cards and hud books by Pseudoanne, art by Moonwolf, sinful things and ladies clothing by Velvet Rythms

Here is your slurl for Breakers Club and Mall

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