Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Main Event

Ok yall, there are some places you just cant describe or even show with pictures!

The Main Event is a place you have to just go there to experience it yourself. This is a unique place where videos are playing all around you as you enjoy the music. You really need to check this place out!

You can contact DC Harbour, Ghostwalker Schwarz or Peacemaker Aker the owners, to join the group "Tropicana Estates"

There are 120 members in the group as of today. The owners are also great VJ's....that's right Video Jockies :)

To get the full effect at The Main Event, Ghostwalker suggest the following:

Media Setup

1. Install the quicktime player software from

2. OPen your preferences and click on the Audio & Video tab.

3. Put check marks in all 4 white boxes.

4. Click on apply then OK

5. On the bottom bar of your viewer start your media, click on the VCR type buttons next to the camera.

6. you should now be able to view the videos in secondlife.

If lag becomes an issue in some sims in your preferences uncheck the streaming video boxes in your preferences until you need them.

Here is your LM for The Main Event

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