Saturday, March 13, 2010


Check out the lineup today for Aquastar Lounge Danceclub.

Aquastar is owned by Shellie Boucher, here is what her profile says:

I Own the Aquastar Lounge ,the most friendly danceclub, hangout with live concerts and DJ events and the best staff SL has!,Trailerpark with rental homes, and a mall(only for original designers)Want info? IM me! are you a musician who is interested in playing here, check the calendar under the web tab, and contact me.
I design male & female clothing(also maternity)!

And here is what she says about Aquastar:

If you like to dance in a place thats been called home by lots of ppl..then...
This is the place to dance, hang out with friends, drink a coffee or grab a beer. The most fantastic staff and super friendly Regulars!
Feel free to check it out! The best place to be on SL!
Great DJ's and lots of Live Music, and even room for the kids to play!

Here is your slurl to Aquastar Lounge Danceclub

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