Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pure Country Ranch & Saloon

Here is today's line up for Pure Country!

We have a full day of Party happenin! Check out this line up! We are hoping you make it over to the party :) ~ GW, Kariann & Cherry~ WOOT and the Whole Pure Country Family Welcomes You!


10a12p Karaoke - Dexy halostar (health willing)
12-2 DJ Cookie (Crystalfalls)
2p-4p DJ Webface & Tess
4p-6p DJ CPL & Mandy
6p-7p DJ KARIANN (GW) & Mandy
7p-9p DJ Abby / Beccara
9p-10p DJ RAY & Ladybug

We sure hope you like out line up - Please send me a notecard with any input :) We love you - This is your club!

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