Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rockin Roost Roadhouse

Hey yall, come down and check out the Rockin Roost Roadhouse.

Here's what The Rockin Roost charter says:

Sometimes in life a door will close, but when that door does close another one will open. That's what the Rockin Roost means to it's owners. The Tavern has closed but the Rockin Roost has taken it's place.

The Roost has a very warm and homey feeling. It's a great place to meet people, have a few laughs and enjoy the talents of live singers and Dj's.

We have events Monday through Saturday. The live singers start normally around 6:00 PM SLT, and the events start around 7 pm slt come down and say hi.

Raven Bechir and mikcl Martian are the owners of the club. As of today there are 151 members in the group.

This is the current lineup of singers, but check back often as there are live shows daily!

5-6 justme carlucci
6-7 Jon Bazar and Fireheart Braver
7-8 chapman zane
8-9 RB Hamelin

6-8 Open Mic
8-9 Beccca Baxton

6-7 WashedUp Sideways
7-8 Chapman Zane
8-9 RB Hamelin/chapman dual stream

6-7 Mance Moonwall
7-8 Etherian Kamaboko
8-9 LIghtnin Lowtide
9-10 Tukso Okey

6-7 Music Oxygen
7-8 Chapman Zane
8-9 Avatar Quinzet

12 noon - Justme Carlucci

6-7 Scarlette Rouge every other week
Aussie Style late show
10pm Chapman
12am RB Hamelin

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