Friday, April 2, 2010

Dry Gulch USA

I was over at Dry Gulch USA today. This is a new venue, owned by Sweeter Enigma.

Here's a description of the club.

Old Time Western Setting Dry Gulch Saloon. Owner Sweeter Enigma.
Daily events with DJ's. A place to come hang out with your parnter, friends, loved ones, family. Open 24/7

We have Bull riding, Bronco riding, Hat throwing, Duel Bull Riding, Horeshoe pit, Darts, Trivia, Line Dancing, Couples Dancing, Events, Dj's

Looking for Host/Hostess and DJ's. Please send me an IM if interested.

Be sure to contact Sweeter if your interested in being part of Dry Gulch USA.

Here is your slurl

Even though this is a new venue, there are already 181 members in the group. Come check it out!

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