Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diamonds & Spurs

Diamonds & Spurs is a live music venue. Here is their info:

Hello and thank you for your interest in our new club, Diamonds & Spurs. We strive to have entertainment throughout the week with Live Performers and DJs for Country, Rock, Jazz and a little bit of everything in between.

Please use the landmark provided below to come back and visit us.

Here is your slurl for Diamonds & Spurs

Patti Liberty and Lance Jansen,
Diamonds & Spurs Owners

Here is our current lineup (All times listed are in Second Life Time):

Tuesday: DJ Boldo Runo (Country) 5-7 PM, Clarice Karu (Live Jazz/Rock) 7-8 PM and Trav McCullough (Live Country) 8-9 PM

Wednesday: DJ Nate (Country) 3-5 PM, Hayden Sandalwood (Live Country) 6-7 PM, Quinton Diavolo (Live Rock) 7-8 PM

Thursday: EdHausen Morpork (Alternates w/ Live Country and Jazz) 5-6 PM, Khiron Ametza every other week (Live Progressive Rock) 6-7 PM.

Friday: Angee Seetan (Alternates w/ Live Country and Jazz) 5-6 PM, ELiz Watanabe (Alternates w/ Live Country and Jazz) 6-7 PM. Savannah Coronet every other week (Live Country) 7-8 PM).

Saturday: Erin68 Frog/Satin Galli (Every other week Live Country) 12 Noon- 1 PM, Merrick Robonaught 4-5 PM and MrMikie String (Alternates w/ Live Country and Jazz) 5-6 PM.

Sunday: Mica Breen (Every other week Live Country) 3-4 PM, DJ Boldo Runo (Rock) 4-6 PM and Gregg Huet (Live Rock) 6-7 PM.

We are always on the lookout for established and new up and coming DJs and Live Performers. Please IM Lance Jansen if you are interested in becoming a part of this outstanding lineup.

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