Wednesday, September 16, 2009

mica Breen

mica Breen was singing over at NightWish this evening.

Here's what mica's fan club charter says:

This is a fanclub for Mica&faith and lilangel Breen.we stand alone with the best family of people in sl bar none not only here to sing to great folks but to give them a fun venue to hang out at and race,play games,shop
we kick it loud and proud
running around the grids of sl putting on some of the best shows you will find it is not only mica's singing that makes us kick all is our awsome fans who we love so much a big mess with one.
you mess with us you all ,mica&faith

There are 389 members of the group as of today.

You can tell by the picture above that this is a family group :)

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