Sunday, September 6, 2009


Check out OUTLAWZ SALOON & STORES. The club is owned by TJ Krokus and Rench Bruun.

Here is what the group charter says:

We are a freindly place, good country music, line dancing, couples line dance and couples dancing with that someone special. We just might mix a little rock in there too... We will also be bringing you some awesome stores where u can spend and look good all at the same time :)))

western, country, saloon, bar, line dance, couple dance, shopping, western clothing, chaps, cowboy, cowgirl, cowboy hat, jeans, western wear, clothing, store rent,
ZVZ Clothing, Mia, barns, horse supplies, clothes, bar

As of today there are 119 members in the group.

Here is your slurl for QUTLAWZ SALOON & STORES

Go check the place out, friendly folks. :)

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