Saturday, February 20, 2010

annemarie Rhiadra

Started today out over at Black Horse Country. SL's most popular Country Club.

DJ annemarie Rhiadra had the place hoppin!

Check out annemarie's profile:

SL DJ takes booking or can fill in whatever, plays any genre of music, have my own stream, also takes requests . I have a DJ group also just im me if ya wanta join. IM me if you have any questions or wanta make a booking. :o)
DJ at Blackhorse country........Below the belt blues........ Road Horse ..Trails End...cont.

Click here to keep up with her on myspace.

Here is a current schedule:

mon - black horse country-10-12

tues - road house bikers club-8-10 (rock)
tues - black horse country-10-12

wed - black horse country-12-2
wed - road house bikers club-10-12(rock)

thurs - black horse country-6-8
thurs - road house bikers club-10-12(rock)

fri - black horse country-10-12

sat - black horse country-11-1
sat - Trails End-6-8
sat - road house bikers club-10-12 (rock)

sun - Trails End-4-6
sun - road house bikers club-8-10 (rock)
sun - black horse country-10-12

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