Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lynn Wylder

Lynn Wylder was DJing over at 8 Seconds Club # Mall.

Here's what her profile says:

PART OWNER/MANAGER/DJ OF WOLFE'S LAIR CLUB--located on the Wolfe's Pond Role Play SIM. Tigergirl, I love you! :D
DJ@8 Seconds
I've met some fantastic people here! My special friends know who they are! I'm lucky to know ya! :D Thanks for being YOU!
Just a down home gal here to have fun! I'm harmless.....really.......:P Feel free to IM me! Totally intrigued by the 'smitten', laugh, live for the moment...keep bringing the sunshine.....

You can catch her DJing here at 8 Seconds mon-fri from 6am - 8am

1 comment:

  1. DJ Lynn at the Wolfes Lair is a great DJ and Great owner!!! HEr and TIger keep the sim moving to the tunes! Keep it going and You Rawk Ms. Lynn!