Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tootsies Western Lounge

Tootsies Western Lounge...a brand new club opening up this month.

The Club is owned by Dolphin Mefusula and shad Lecker.

Although it's only been open a short time there are already 100 members in the group.

Here's what the group charter says:

Wow Isn't It About Time To Enjoy Another Country Western Bar...Well Heres A Chance My New Club Tootsies Western Lounge .where all your country tunes are played right here so come and party with me!!!

I Created Tootsies Lounge Cause I Wanted To KeepAll The Country Legends Alive..We Have Pictures Of Loretta Lynn,Patsy Cline,Dolly Parton, etc.. hanging up in club.. So If You Like The Oldcountry And New Country Drop By DON'T FORGET TO JOIN GROUP!!! YOU KNOW WHATS GOING ON IN EVENTS..THANKS DOLPHIN MEFUSULA

Here's your slurl for Tooties Western Lounge

1 comment:

  1. Well cripes! I had no idear I was gonna' be written up in the dang SL Society Papers! Whooot!
    Hey Momma! Look at MEEEEE!
    Well, Thanks to everyone that showed on up ta'day at Tootsies! It was an AMAZING time! Ya'll was so hospitable and so generous! My goodness! Followin' Rocketman is hard ta' do, I guarantee! I hope ya'll enjoyed the show as much I enjoyed bringin' it on, 'fer ya'! Maybe next time, I will bring The Pearly Gates Band along with me... that is... if they's out of the CLINK (aka: Crowbar Motel) by then! hehe!
    Love ya'll!