Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patsy Petrov

Patsy Petrov was singing all the Patsy Cline songs over at one of the newer country places in SL called Tootsie's Western Lounge.

Here's what Patsy's group charter says:

Howdie Ya'll!

Yeah, I guess they call me SL's Patsy Cline.... but I give all the credit to my brother's fancy equipment.... that is why I sound good! hehe!

Ya' mighta' heard that I am back... and I AM! Yep! Even got myself a NEW BOOKIN' AGENT! Yeah! Contact CORINA CANNING for bookings!

Sponsored by Paul Ge at Mainland Music
Thanks Paul! You're the Greatest!

As of today there are 51 members in the group. Come join up and catch a Patsy show!

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